FTSE 100 Intraday - November

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Here we go again.

........and this is after.

the 'rapid climb' turned into a new high, but promptly went into
correction mode with an A/B and very sharp C.
still trying to recover, by the looks of it.

We seem to have hit and been thrown back by the resistance at 4330 but a bit of base building on friday afternoon ?

The candle charts for the last 6 days do not look encouraging
but 4450 still looks achievable in the short term.

Value is clearly now centred around 4285.

<a href="http://uk.search.news.yahoo.com/search/compnews_ukie?p=ytic:_ftse&z=date">FTSE 100 daily news</a>


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here is a file with some hourly data for you, hope its
what you want.

you'll need to put it in a spreadsheet.

its about 580k


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hi steve
always nice to be back.
I've been around but the landing strip at heathrow is the best sight in the world.


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after what looked like miserable trading last week,
this is a nice start to the week.
after forming a base on friday, it has cut up through the
1 day.

looks to be testing the single stair treads ?


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Glad your back,It's been as quiet as the grave round here.

Fibb at 315. 618 of 4220/4378 move


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Hi Fluke

looks like we may be coming off the top for a while
so closed at 311 for +12
nice to get something under my belt so early.


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that's a pity
another 10 mins and I'd have had another 10pts.
perhaps I'm getting twitchy from being away.


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mornin' bonsai

hope you had a great holiday and good to see the happy bear

been away myself birding in Norfolk so been missing a lot of
the action.

closed at 311 eh - the master's a bit rusty then, but a penny
turned is a penny turned.

good trading



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a bit off topic, but wonder if this is of interest.
its part of my position trading system for equities.

Its all triggered by a cut in ftse 65 day sma.
Its a list ranked by those which fell most during the
FTSE fall and assumes they will be amongst the best to recover.

The system has a very good track record.

You need to spread your investments as some will not perform
- like BT- .
And risk is limited to 65 day.

Any comments ?

PS: I have cherry picked some of the Highs for my own reasons.
It was only the concept that I thought you might find interesting.


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Your list is very interesting. I have started trading shares again. At the risk of appearing thick, what do you mean by a cut in the FTSE 65 day sma? Do you wait for a retracement in both the shares and the FTSE before you buy? Sorry for all the questions.

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yes, the concept is that those that were most volatile
will have overshot and give you a good pull back at the start of a new trend.
Many of them may have bottomed before ftse and completed their first correction when the signal is given.

You dont really know what ftse is doing at the time.
all you know is it has broken the 65 day.
so some sensible precautions do apply.
and you can usually afford to wait for a while.
this is when elliott can be very useful.

it will always help if the stocks have also cut their own 65 day.

perhaps this is a good example ?


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Thanks for the reply. I was editing my post as you replied as I realised you had said that those that fell the most would be among the best to recover.



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interesting list - mine includes eleven of them.

interesting too (maybe) that 7 of those: av,avz,bt,cpg,lloy,mks,
pru have recently signalled a change to down so far as the
intermediate trend is concerned. Won't be shorting tho' (except
maybe short term) while ftse intermediate is still up.


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Morning all,
Just got going after returning from 1/2 term break in Devon.
Crab fishing/sweet shop proved too great a distraction for my gang and therefore my focus on markets

Interesting that once again 4332 has checked advance.

Is there a short term 5 wave count from 15.11 (Friday) to 11.01 (today)?

Levels 4332 6 (high), 4274 (low).

If so Fib levels are:
38% =4310 market paused here between 9.00 and 10.00 to-day (wave 4?)
50% =4303
62% =4296

Bigger picture: SP500- looks as if Friday was a wave 4, implying more action to come on upside.


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hi bonsai....

hope you had a good time...
thought i would post a chart as a test...


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