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FTSE drops to 4314, so I place a buy at £10/pt.

The FTSE then rises to 4323.8 in a few minutes, yet the trading platform price actually gets lower. down to 4307.

How come??

with a 6pt spread I would be down £130. and I never had the opportunity to sell at the higher price?

can someone explain please
The prices are back level again, both at 4307. It looks like the price has been manipulated to avoid the rapid change in price?

Maybe you should look at direct access via the likes of Interactive Brokers since if you can afford £10 per point you can afford the luxury of tighter spreads.

Anyway, good luck :D
Oh yeah! and the £10 a point was just an example, I set a a virtual SB thing on my computer and combined this with the prices offered by the SBing firm.
you are not trading the cash ftse.
you are trading ftse futures minus fair value.
doesnt matter too much what the cash does.
its what the futures does that affects sb price.