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Newtron Bomb

Guest Author
Hiya Folks,

Ive got a bit of a dilemma, One of the markets I trade is GBP/USD I trade it (I consider) really simply with easy to identify entries and exits and money management. It gives me a regular ROC.

There is no big revilaion with it a lot of you probable already know or use something similar.

The dilemma is:-
Should I share this method with everyone here and take the criticism for it whether it be good or bad?
My reason for asking is that I would just like to be able to post it and let people do what they want with it.
If you want to try it fine if you dont then thats also fine, what I couldn't be bothered with is the Moaning Minnie's who just want to slate people for the sake of it.

So I though I would put it to the vote... Yes or NO
Newtron Bomb

That is very nice of you wanting to share your system.

Just remember though if you are sharing it because you would like to help people that is fine.

If you are sharing it because you want to build up yourself and your image in some way this is where negative comments may harm you.

So if it's for the benefit of others rather than yourself then there is no need to worry about anything.

All the best whatever you decide.
Ive just read one of your threads similar to your comment above... it is because I want to share something, my problem lies in the "abuse from idiots factor" who think ive got a hidden agenda.

Thanks for your support rglenn
Re:Free Strategy

I know where you are coming from Newtron

I have experienced uneccessary abuse myself on these boards.

But it didn't bother me because I am not out to make a name for myself which some people may believe.

My aim is to share what little I have and in doing so point some open minded people in the right direction.

The same way that others have done on this board.

If you feel that uncomfortable about it Newtron don't post it. It's not worth the stress.
One of my reason for wanting to share is that ive had a lot of help from a lot of people with varying issues (not necessarily trading related) and I would just like to be able to help others in some way. Ive gained a lot of knowledge and clarification about my trading from these boards and hopefully I'm putting something useful for others to use back.

My parents taught me to remember that we all had to start somewhere and someone had to show me how to do certain things.

Its not that I feel incapable about criticism as long as it is constructive. I thought I would ask if anyone was interested before I put something that could have been useless.
Another way to look at it is the positive side.

Ignoring all childish comments and concentrate on those that are helpful i.e someone may be able to improve upon it and enlighten you more.

There are some good people on these boards and they might be able to point out any flaws that you may not of considered.

Just a thought.
Hi Newtron Bomb

Many thanks for your offer. If anyone moans cut their post off!!.
If and when I get a strategy which even slightly works I think it would be wonderful to share it.

Not all strategies will work for all, but adaptation is a wonderful thing and the more variety there is the more we will all benefit.

I admire your courage ;)
Thanks again rglenn and orchard.

Ive been thinking about posting it for a while and there are a few different spins to it.
I hope people can take what they need from it to use it for themselves or maybe kick start an idea that they already have.

I would like to think that it helps people find their method that works for them.

I guess am leaning toward putting it up (no comments pls lol) and just needed a bit of support and encouragement.
Hi Newtron

There'll probably be no recognition if it works and abuse the first time it doesn't.

The problem is not the genuine enquiries and suggestions it's the idiots who think something's come for free that will work everytime without any input from them. (I know from experience-not on this board).

By posting you may get input that will help you improve your system or just stupid comments and abuse, the risk is all your's.

Hi There,
If you have a methodology that works within your parameters, then you are to be congratulated for wanting to share it. There will always be idiots who will pick holes and slate you, but you have to learn to rise above all that.
All I can say is WELL DONE
From the amount of votes you have there is a good amount of respect for your views on this board. If you have something that works I would really appreciate it if you shared it.
fttrader i suppose your right about the idiots who think that they will get get a 100% strike rate and shoot me down with the first small loss.

Am not really looking to improve and that is not my reason to post it as am happy with it, but I would be a stupid man if i didnt listen and evaluate what people are trying to suggest... there is always a better way of doing things

Thanks I will give it some thought as to how to best convey the information and then post it at a later date.

Thank you all for your opinions & encouragement
Publish it and the people who moan or attack simply show themselves up for what they are.
But, please, if it's anything to do with selling when Uranus is up the back side of Ursa Major, expect a certain lack of appreciation ;-)

That's a very funny comment Mr Charts!!

I could make a further comment about that but it would belittle myself and maybe dent someone's ego.
Just got back from my chicken fried rice and a carton of ruby....

Very funny Mr C. lol

I'm thinkin about posting it and leaving it.
Strange that I'd put " Post as long as the signals don't come from Uranus" and then deleted as I thought it might be too cheeky.

Hi Newtron,

I've published and been damned many times. It would be nice if someone else shared the burden.

Greetings. I'm new but this seems like a hospitable place. Sharing may improve your system. Best.
Out of this world?

I faithfully promise not to make interstellar references or cosmic asides when you post your forex trading method.

Lol JonnyT.

I can't be the only one who remembers a different system a day can I ? :)

Newtron B, I'm the one who answered 'Dont care' on the poll. A bit tongue in cheek but you seemed to be getting too many yes's and I felt some balance was needed :)

I've published a few systems and have had all sorts thrown at them but usually the criticism has been valid and every time it has resulted in a better system. Whatever your motivation for publishing it is always nice to get something out into the public domain which is your creation.

Go for it.