Free Firewalls update


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Since the demise of Sygate firewall I have been on the lookout for a replacement. Zone Alarm is an obvious choice but here are some more I have come across. Not prepared to vouch for any as I am still using Sygate at this point so have no personal experience with them but anyone on the lookout for a firewall may want to consider them. (Zone Alarm free version) (Have seen some good comments on this one) ( I think this one is fairly new but seems to get good comments on security forums) (Kerio Personal Firewall this one is on the way out too, bought by Sunbelt and now a pay for product) (As pointed out by Oatman Sunbelt continue to offer a free basic version, once the trial period is over their PF will revert to a basic mode) (Sygate can still be got here)
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I've recently changed to Outpost Personal Firewall by Agnitum on my main laptop, and I'm very impressed. The free version has everything I need, so I have no need to upgrade.

If I change my firewall I always check that it passes the "Leak Test" and "Shields Up" test on

Oh, and anyone afflicted by Spam should try Mailwasher by Firetrust. Again, the free version is fine.