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A new website has been launched that provides free end of day data for most of the world's major exchanges. The site also provides free access to 5 years history on any symbol. Data is available in standard metastock ascii and other formats will be available soon.

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Hi all

Just been looking at this site, and before anyone else registers, beware that you can't download a whole 5 years worth of data. You have to download every day individually.

I wanted to download the data into sharescope, but that could take forever :(

I'm still trying to work out why they want a phone number. :confused:


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...good site ref....thanks eod...

unfortunately can't download in metastock format...

the download files are with *.DAT extension...


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eod said:
The data IS in metastock format - suggest you try again

....well first of all when one clicks the files it downloads in *.DAT is not very well explained on that site (I presume it's your site..????) has to right click and then save as *.TXT file and then convert to metastock format and then use eventually add to metastock data folder...

But it's free and available so am not complaining...
I just started trying ta with metastock 7.2, and i try to go to this web site to get free eod data , first when itry to converted to metastock was ok, but i couldnt open it, and now it is not even converting the data...
can anyone help me with soem tips?


Experienced member are you trying to convert the data???...are you using downloader to do that job...???

also see the following site that gives you free data from web and also a software that converts the data from and to to any format....

sorry if these links have been posted in the past, I am a newbie on this site...
hi thx for the links....
i used the downloader to make the conversio to metastock the problem is when i open the metastock top start making a chart , it does'nt draw anything stays in zeros like it was no data at all, but the data is there because when I open the folder where i save it i can see is there, can anyone help me with this...
also the link you gave is just for america and canadian markets can anyone tell me or reccomend me a free or inexpensive eod data service,this because I am still in the first steps of trading so i can not put myself in big expenses, at least for now...also I got this program throught one of that file-sharing programs, this program which allegged get quotes for free for the metastock, looks like is trought yahoo finance website, is this possible or is another noonsense...all the advice will be very welcome!!?!!
thanks ...
zambuck the site you gave me can be use to dwld data for metastock once i converted? how do i do it,because like i said in the last post I am struggling to convert data from eoddata to the metastock,can you help?
Much appreciated!!


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techcherry said:
zambuck the site you gave me can be use to dwld data for metastock once i converted? how do i do it,because like i said in the last post I am struggling to convert data from eoddata to the metastock,can you help?
Much appreciated!!

....hi just saw your message...apologies as i am still sruggling to use this site...

If you download the programme (MLdownloader) from MLdownloader then it will allow you 30 day use before you make up your in there you will find a *PDF manual...just follow that and you will be able to download the data from yahoo to metastock...

hope that helps...if not keep posting and will try to help...


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reliable ?

Is the data correct ?
Looking at the Closing FTSE100 price for 6/10/03 they have 4,252.9
whereas everyone else seems to agree on a Close of 4,270.1

anyone any ideas ? am I missing something ?

and I think the DJI looks similarly off.


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Anyone know anything similiar for Intraday data?


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EOD Omnitrader

Hi, I am new to trading and this is my first post. Can anyone tell me how to transfer EOD data to Omnitrader from the www.eoddata site. I am looking to trade FTSE; S&P; Industry sectors; Indices and Commodities. Any advice will be appriciated.


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brownie3 said:
Thanks for that pttrader.
Your welcome. The only problem is unless you buy a 2 year license for 29.98 (which is cheap enough) you will have to keep downloading the free version every 2 to 4 weeks. The program takes a little effort to learn it but once you do it is straight forward and easy to download, convert, and export in a useable ascii format for several different trading software. It also works well with my software that I developed for daytrading/swingtrading stocks and commodities/futures. Have any questions you may contact me at

I have been using this site for a number of weeks with the email option. My observations are that:
a) the data is poor quality seems to be way out when compared to Yahoo, whixh is all I can do now, and b) the delivery is extremely poor. e.g. some daye no data in the email attachments other days there are missing codes. Only today the DJI was missing until I manually downloaded. I was using Sharescope and I am seriously thinking about going back. Only issue is I want USA data as well which SS doesn't provide.
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