forex trading is so hard...


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semantics, not much more. staying aLIVE is a gamble, EVERY decision we make is a gamble right down to what to eat or where to cross the street. We are all taking bets all the time (consciously or sub) , and hedging along the way. (i'll eat this doughnut now, but i'll diet tomorrow) :)
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Forex is the global decentralized money market where everyday more than $1.5 trillion dollars is traded and according to this market is considered as the largest financial market in the world. Forex is really so tough to trade. Because a trader needs to analyze market to get a trading signal. But maximum of the traders are ignorant about analysis. They have no knowledge regarding analysis that’s why FX is tough to them.

This stuff is out of a John Lewis Christmas cracker.
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The only thing that makes me hard , is when you return
Gotta wonder whats your favorite position , i guess you set on them for a long time until they come back ....