Forex: The real thing or the biggest scam ever?


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HI! So Im new to forex and like every newcomer I´been reading a lot lately about this market. Its amazing how you can find articles, posts, interviews etc, saying that this is the easiest, most profitable, amazing market to trade and on the other side you can find that this is all a scam and brokers take all your money....
It happens also with brokers... you cant find a broker that isnt tainted... or that is the best in the world!

Im sure that forex is not neither the best or a scam but something in the middle... There probably are bad brokers that manipulate your orders in order to make a profit and Im hoping that there also is some real people making real money.

So what Im trying to do with this post is to filter all the bull**** that people say in favor or against forex (according to their interests) and try to demystify what you hear about this potentially lucrative market.

In order to this I will need your help, experienced forex traders, to take a moment and write your thought about this.

Just as a guide I will leave some topics that would be interesting to talk about:

  • Can you really make a living trading in forex?
  • Is the market manipulated by institutional traders in order to take advantage of small traders?
  • Do True ECN brokers really exist?
  • What to avoid doing
  • What kind of scam have you fallen into?
  • You get the point right? :)

Hoping that everyone is feeling open and interested I salute you!

Have a nice day!


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hey J

I salute your post and your concerns truth though what will you learn ?.............can you trust the responses ? really just need to take that first step and get in amongst will soon learn if its in your DNA to do this ...or not .......just dont pay out too much money in that learning phase most stuff worth learning is free and online if you look hard enough :smart:

best wishes
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exactly! the learning phase is not something that you should be paying for honestly! I mean there are tons of websites and good forums that provide the best materials for free
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