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The beginning and the end

As some have probably noticed, I've recently changed my avatar to an Ouroboros. There is a symbolic meaning to this symbol, presenting a snake which eats of it's own tail. It presents the idea of cyclicality but it's also a vicious circle. When I first started this journal, I felt I was trapped in a vicious circle, hoping Trade2Win and it's members could help me move forward and stop me from losing money in the markets.

The journey, now 6 months under way, has given me plenty of food for thought and reflection. I've enjoyed those discussions and exchanges of feelings, knowledge and ideas greatly. With the new year approaching, I feel it's therefore appropriate that I thank all those that have contributed in so many ways (more than they probably realize), not only to my development process in the trading arena, but also to the process of finding oneself. I have become much more aware of myself and others and have come to question a great deal of things. For me, trading isn't only about making money (although it's obviously the purpose), it's about doing something you enjoy doing and enjoying the freedom that comes with it.

In my first post I stated that the purpose of the journal was to learn stuff. And I have. A lot. And I still have a lot to learn, that's where the idea of cyclicality returns. No matter how much I learn, I will always need to keep alert to changes (in the market) that require me to adjust my plan. I'll encounter winning streaks as we will unfortunately also encounter losing streaks, but during this time it is imperative that I stick to the plan and not get too greedy or anxious about what is happening.

Last couple of weeks I've acquired the confidence that I needed to stick to the plan and have it tested in real time market situations to check if I was doing ok. And finally the relief came that the plan is ok, it's working fine. It could do with some tweaking yes, but I've got plenty of time to improve it or develop a second plan based on another setup. This journey will probably never end, but that's a good thing as I'm really starting to enjoy myself out there. And more importantly, I've had some very special 'encounters' lately where I actually felt I was "riding the waves" of price. I could intuitively feel if price was going to travel up or down... I've yet to experience this feeling and trust it, but it sure feels as if something new is developing inside me, something I never imagined would be possible.

There have been times at which this journal was a dialogue or a group discussion but lately it's been more of a monologue. I therefore feel the time has come to end the first part of my journal here, it's had over 550 posts and I still look back at times on what has been told and said over the last couple of months. I sincerely hope that others will benefit from the experiences and the process described in my journal. I hope they can realize their aspirations of becoming a consistently profitable trader and wish them all the best.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all those that have contributed to my journal, some only on occasion, others quite frequently. They have put time and effort in replying to my posts and are worth my gratitude. I wish them all the best of luck in their life and trading careers. I've listed them in alphabetical order:


Thanks everybody and a very happy, and profitable New Year 2007!

PS: In case someone feels I forgot them, PM me!
(djeez... this actually sounds like a speech... )
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