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Anyone else aware or have had problems with Fins.prices pages last few days.

Rest of pages on site,no probs. Have rang them a few times, got lots of bizarre reasons about prices, eventually told to download latest IE. That didn't work.

Eventually, guy who I just spoke to said IT specialists are working on website to make prices streaming and correct, and admitted they had a few probs with other customers.

Whilst I was on phone, I could hear their consultants telling other enquirers, to reboot their computers etc.
Why don't they just put message on home page, with details of what is going on?
"Why don't they just put message on home page, with details of what is going on?"

Because it's so much easier to just pass the buck. I believe Fins have a history of this when their site isn't working properly.

I was on earlier today and the server kept going off line. This totally put me off entering a trade. This happened to me once before prior to a stop being placed. Would not risk it again.
If the site isn't working properly I just keep away.
There are always excuses. It is my opinion that this is a modus operandi of Finspreads. They move prices, requote endlessly and if that does not work they appear to have "technical problems" that make it dificult for you opening or closing positions. It has gone on for years. Either they are completely technically inept and cannot sort their site (odd when their opposition are sorted) or it benefits them to do this. Try the dow one night - any time there would be a rush on closing longs as the index fell, and Fins site stops working, just long enough to take another 20 or 30 points against you.
I have no idea how anybody can make money with Fins. I tried them at the beginning and lost money quickly. I moved to D4F and have made a living from it for two years. I have my own view of Finspreads and suffice to say it would not be further than I could throw them !
they are useles , you can trade with them only if you want to lose , prices update every 30 seconnds , this just doen not work,

however people still trade with them.

guys they are for long term trading.
Last time I was in the spread market- I used IG, City & Fins spreads, and ALWAYS found finspreads efficient, pleasant to deal with, and their stop loss execution was exepemplary. This was 3 years ago- but then Suart, Dave, Jim & Katherine were without doubt the market leaders. I can't believe the rest of the market has caught up?
When I hit my "trade " button, I get the buy ans sell prices, but NO buy and sell box to click on. This has happened on regular occaisions recently. Dam glad I wasn't in a panick situation.....
I've been betting with finspreads about a month - no technical probs yet.

I'm told they do have periodic glitches but in ordinary times their prices are most competitive.

However, good advice I'm about to act on is have a back-up account with another SB firm - in case you can't reach your main account to close a position running against you at least you would have a chance to open a contrary position through the back-up account. Could save loads losses and worry.

Good luck all.
Why not just call them on their freephone trading phone line?
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Good idea about having a back up account, I agree. Must say that yes they do answer phones very quickly, thats no problem.

Its the fact that its like interrogating the KGB, to actually find the truth behind the reason the site is acting strange - I've actually had more different reasons than most people couldn't even think of!

Will try Deal4free, and keep fins as a reserve, the one good thing about it is that when it is working it is simple to use.

At least if it is true that they told me prices shown would be guaranteed, and not approximates, it will be a good improvement.

Thanks for all contributions.
Bigbusiness and mercury7 - yes, finspreads have a phone service (haven't had to use it yet.

But imagine what happens when their servers go down and everyone else is trying to get through on the phone to close (or open) positions.

I can remember some very hairy times spent hanging on the phone to brokers in 2000/2001 when the markets were going up (and then down) so fast everyone was trying to trade at once - its pants-wetting time when you're trying to dump a loser fast and you finally get through to a machine that says your call is valuable and you're 12th in the queue.

Plan for the worst, then it won't happen.

Good luck,

I used to use Fins a lot last year, and I would say that without exception the telephone was answered within three rings when the servers went down. You need to use their dealing phone number which is 0800 096 96 99.

I was pleasantly surprised at this rapid response time, but it certainly gave me reassurance that they took things seriously. The other thing I found was that they were also quite prepared to give you the price at the time the servers went down, even if this was in your favour, as long as you phoned straight away.
Hi Skim

Could you tell me who you are using now and if they are reliable.

I have been using Fins now for over 6 months but everytime I cash in my profits it is always short by about 5 to 8 pts compared to what's shown on the screen.