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Does anyone use multiple timeframe fib clusters? My question is there any combination of clusters that are higher probability than others which are weaker?

For example on this chart where price action has hit off a 50/23.6/38% levels would this be stronger with a combination of D/W/M than a 15/1/4 fib cluster with the same clusters?



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We are told that the higher the t/f, the more meaningful the tech analysis probably because the higher the t/f - the more information is contained in each individual candle ?

So as far as fib clusters go, I look at fibs of the 1hr fractal swings hi/lo's upwards (ie 4hr, daily etc...) Gbpusd is a good eg a 2 fib cluster at this week's current lo (maybe 2 fibs are just a pair not a 'cluster' maybe minimum 3 is a cluster ?) anyways, 61.8% of the daily/4hr swing 5422-5780 and 85.4% of the 4hr swing 5525 - same 5780 are at this week's current lo, (Weds.)

I don't draw fibs on any fractal swings lower than the 1hr chart, that is the fisrt 'meaningful' t/f as far as plotting fibs from the swings made there is concerned, for me. I haven't any stats though to suggest which fib levels are potentially 'stronger' over any given sample.

They say cable for eg reacts well to 50% (of course 50% is not strictly a fib but that's another story) I think this is more an anecdotal observation than an empirical fact though. Fibs can be somewhat subjective in respect of which swings are more important than others so I think it is important not to place too much emphasis on them save for them figuring in repeating hi-probability confluences of the same (clusters) and other potential supp/res factors such as Previous Price Pivots and Trend Lines.

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