Faster than broadband and it is free


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Hi All

I've been sent through an opportunity to speed up broadband and dial up to 2mb (or whatever figure they quote these days - a bit beyond me) for free and also earn money by giving away the same (for free).

I asked how on earth they make their money and they do that by being affiliated to thousands up on thousands of other firms.

I've signed up myself at no cost and I recommend that everyone on the planet signs up for free.

You have to sign up via an affiliate (me or someone else who has signed up) and then you join and sign up everyone else.

Have a good look at it. If you think it is fine then recommend it to everyone you come across.


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So what's your speed gone up to?
I can't get broadband where I live so how do they deliver faster than broadband speeds on a couple of cocoa tins and a bit of string? :LOL:

edit. I'll wait for Jonny T's comments :cheesy:


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I think they give you bigger string. :cheesy:

Apparently the whole thing is in pre-launch mode and kicks off in October.

I was a bit wary of it myself but I've had a good look through it and can't find any way of them parting me from my money. If it is just hype then at worst they have my details along with half of the known world.


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To be honest it sounds unlikely. I couldn't find any info on their opening pages so I didn't bother.
What are "normal" modem speeds? That's probably the limit.


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>>I'll wait for Jonny T's comments<<

Haven`t read anything from him the last days. His site seems to be down and email remained unanswered. Is he on vacation? With his new ship???



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I think it just compresses the information before it gets to you, then the software you have uncompresses it. onspeed do something similar but they only have 9 patents, and juice have 23 patents so it must be better :LOL:

Their special offer is restricted to 80 million, hmm, so they are pretty confident then :D

£500 compensation if you get a virus, spam, blank pages etc..


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I am a few hundred metres beyong the broadband range of my local exchange and do not have wireless coverage, so if this can do what it claims then it really is music to my ears. October can't come fast enough !


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Just one thing I've noted about the site :

if you want to go for the affiliate program (if you have a website, as I have) there is a page where there's an option to choose how you receive your payment.

One of the options is "complete your bank details" - a quick glance at the URL reveals its not a secure connection, so, er, no thanks.

Another option is "complete your paypal details" - er, no thanks.

Final option is cheque. Well no problem there, as they just want the name on the cheque, and no bank details whatsoever.

I'm a little sceptical, but I have given my basic details in - as radtech says, half the world has my email anyway, and I'm fairly confident about my internet security.



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radtech said:
I asked how on earth they make their money and they do that by being affiliated to thousands up on thousands of other firms.
And how precisely does this make them money?


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One other thing : the address they have listed on the website is

"27 Old Gloucester Street"

Why not type that into google and see what happens?

Actually, I'll save you the trouble : Its a forwarding address for a virtual office, where there are plenty of other companies registered. Nothing wrong in itself with that I suppose, but there is a tiny little alarm bell ringing in my head somewhere.

Oh, and the banners on their website for affiliates arent uploaded, so dont bother trying to copy one onto your own webspace, cos you can't.

And finally : what the heck is the "this site is operated by affiliate zbb7bdn" - surely the site is operated by juice? Not some affiliate...??


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I hear what you say Rossored, but having not given out anything more sensitve than my e-mail address, I will keep an open mind for now. If your alarm bells are accurate however, no doubt my inbox will soon be full of junk, change there then!


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Just got this back from a friend so I will pose these questions to the people who are behind juice and see what happens.

"Just got your email about I work for a large
University IT department and just wanted to give you my thoughts on the
site. To be honest I think its a scam. I don't want to rain on your parade
but I greatly value all the advice you give on spreadbetting, love your book
and regualry visit your forum. I'm saying this because I don't want you to
get burnt by this.


Claim 1 "YOU will NEVER receive a virus or worm in your email inbox again as
we operate up to the millisecond software to stop the same, but if you do
get one we will pay you £500 GBP* compensation."

This is technically unfeasable. I spend a lot of my day dealing with
viruses. We run the latest scanning software on our mail servers and scan
all incoming mail. Despite the fact that we have a daily telephone contact
with the antivirus vendors, update the scan engine as soon as the new dat
files are out we still get infections on a daily basis. The reason for this
is simple: For any new virus to be detected the antivrus vendors have to
analyse the new virus, create a detection algorthim (dat), test and make it
available to the scan engines. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a
day. By this time the virus is usually well established and spread via email
before the scanning engine can detect it. Its a case of firefighting after
the fire has started. Along with this you have the problem of offsite
mailboxes. For instance even if the software was available juiceboosted
would only be able to scan emails incoming to their mail server not to
anybody elses. I dont know about you but my email client is set up so i can
revieve my email from work, my 3 websites (all hosted on different servers)
and my yahoo mail. How are they going to scan emails going to these
mailboxes when they will have no access to them. With recent viruses
infecting millions world wide I doubt an insurance comapny is going to be
willing to take the risk at £500 for every infected mail.

Claim 2 "We can STOP your child from chatting to people who pretend to be
children in chat rooms by using amazing breakthrough IP filtration and
parenthesis technology."

Again not possible unless they block total access to chat rooms full stop.
IP filtration would rely on the fact that they know all the IP addresses of
people pretending to be children and of those who are children. Even if it
were possible it would require them to install software on your pc to
indentify when a child is using it , monitor the ongoing chat with detection
software to detect an adult pretending to be a child. With the speed that
people chat on this things its going to require some serious hardware to
process this realtime not only that but what if it gets it wrong. How easy
is it to spot and adult prenteding to be a child? If this were possible
Micorsoft and co would already be running it on their chat servers. This
really would be a watershed in Human Language Parsing (AI) and would be all
over the technical journals.

Claim 3 "You will never see another dead, blank or irrelevant page ever
again and if you do, we will pay you £500 GBP*. "

Ok this one is slightly less dubious as they could simple substitute the 404
error pages with one of their own. More difficult is the "irrelevant page"
part. How are they going to know if the page is irrelevent or not. Google
has a hard time doing this with their seach results and they've been doing
it for years.

Claim 4 "Save money by disconnecting broadband and using JUICE for FREE."

Can't see how this can work. Every broadband system works by your conection
being routed to a ISP. Efectively your broadband modem links you into a
giant LAN which then provides a gateway out into the internet. If you
unsubscribe from the ISP you cannot get onto the lan and therefore onto the

Claim 5 "Compatible with old 9,600kbps modems upwards to the most modern"

9,600kbps is roughly 0.0096MB/s, thats a hell of a lot of compression to
turn it into 2 MB/s. If you've ever used winrar or winzip you will know that
this can take a while especially on large files. Add to the fact that this
will have to be done on the fly and for eveything (images, text,
filedownloads) and you start to run into trouble.

Final points to consider: £27 for each free signup, thats a lot of money for
a free service. What will be their revenue stream if the service is free?
Looking up the registration address for their domain shows 27 Old Gloucester
Street WC1N 3XX. A quick search in google shows at least 30 other companies
registered to this address. My guess is its a postal forwarding center.

Anyway feel free to pass this email on as you see fit.

Regards Scott Wishart"


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It's an MLM scam. the owner of the site is known as "affiliate zbb7bdn". New affiliates will get a different id number.There's plenty of dial up /bb boost programs around.... all they do is forward cache your next probable page that you want to look at. If you want to download a 10 meg file, it's no faster.Period.


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looks like I was too hopeful to see past the BS. Seems as though my days of 56K dial-up are not as numbered as I thought. :mad:
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