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Well put Mark ( titus uk ) I wholeheartedly agree with that. Without DC-Iraj -Hibble ect., being so willing to encourage,explain and put in the time and effort, CI's bb would never have the been the success it was. Think it got too successful in the end,needing even more of DC and Iraj's time and effort, which they could not give.




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I was away yesterday, and the first post I see is this at the top of the list. I can only endorse the remarks made by others in response to your post Observer - or whatever other name you may have used in the past.

You are obviously a devotee to this BB for I feel you would not - nay could not - have written in the context you did. I along with many others was surprised and bewildered in the way CI just disappeared, but despite the good work Pigsy has put in, in order to keep "the club" together, I am sure we all - Pigsy included - hope the good Doc is able to reintroduce the BB if not in the format he was hoping to, then perhaps in this format as before, and to stimulate the use of TA in the selection and timing of trading the markets.

One has only to read the posts to know that many came to this BB sceptical of TA and some not really knowing anything about it at all, but learned that used wisely it can assist in making a portfolio healthier.

So Observer, make you contributions, assist others, and you will be rewarded, even if only in self gratification that you have helped another not to make the mistakes you have no doubt made in the past.

No knocking another individual or someone's contribution, PLEASE.



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I'd just like to say as Uncle pointed out, I hope very much that the good Doc does return. I'm indebted to him for creating such a wonderful community of people. If it wasn't for the City Informer site I'd be a lot less well informed and proabably a lot poorer for it too.

It's no trouble really hosting this site, I wouldn't blame people for thinking I have an alteria motive for hosting the BB. I know that when the Dr closed down CI, people in the community were concerned that the sharks would be out to profit from his departure but (despite the name of the site, no pun was intended) I'm no shark. I've just been in a fortunate postition to help out when it was really needed. When the CI site returns, and this BB returns to its rightful place - then perhaps i will keep this site alive. Who knows. I have made no plans.

So Observer, whoever you are. I'm not going to spend hours trying to track you down from your ip because, it really doesn't matter. I thank you for your comments about the sharky site. But as regards CI I'm not going to pretend its the first time ive heard comments like that - people, myself included where slighlty dismayed by the manner of CI's closure. But burying CI like you say would be a tragedy, and I will support the Dr for as long as he requires it.


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You may track my IP with pleasure and contact me at any time, I am sorry if my post upset you some how but I think maybe it could be time for a site without a Jonestown mindset. A community is made by the people in my opinion. I do not seek to attack any individual on this board as I have a measure of respect for you all and I apologise if I offended any of you.
My knowledge of CI is pretty thorough. I know that the Dr started because he saw a gap, I also know that he didnt make it commercial and seeing as I seem to cause discomfort amongst you for saying anything about Iraj I will leave it at that.
Like most things in life there's more going on than most know, but I just seem to know a little more about the benevolent Dr Iraj than most here.


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Over to you Pigsy, lets get it out in the open. Is it Hibble?? Is it David?? Is it the Doc??

A simple e-mail to David or the Doc might surfice.



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More damaging innuendo from observer who so far has contributed zero to this BB. It seems we are being infiltrated by this person who clearly has their own agenda. Talks not about the merits of stocks or the market but determined to cause damage by loose comment without any foundation or evidence about a man who has only helped people. I would like observer to come out into the open. At this time your credit is low on this BB. You should come clean immediately with your identity and the full story with corroboration. Alternatively, I would invite you to leave this club immediately. I acknowledge that I do not have the authority to invoke such a ruling and in any case I do not know how it could be enforced. However, I would ask that other members add their views to my proposal and if I am wrong I will accept majority ruling. We need to resolve this now as members have enough to think about with the market and loses without this diversion.

ps. I totally agree with Cookie.



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If we're not careful we are going to tear ourselves apart by all this. I'm sure we have all thought, at some time, what is going on.

I take the view that we are in a win-win situation.

If the Dr et al disappear for good, we have a very nice little community here, and we can continue and maybe a few more people will join. I like the attitude of people here.. its good.
If the Doc does return, perhaps with a paysite, then its up to us, individually, to choose to join. If its good, we benefit, if not, we still have our little community.

I don't see a problem.



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It's not Hibble, David or the Doc.
The style and grammer...punctuation, spelling etc indicate to me it can only be one of three ex posters.
I have a very good memory for detail and quite often notice a similarity between posts on other bulletin boards.
I have also noticed various similarities on CI in the past...It didn't and doesn't bother me.
I wont mention names because i am not absolutely sure but i get a feeling for a female pen.
"When you have eliminated the impossible,whatever remains,however improbable, must be the truth."


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And that female pen may not be a female at all Steve for I know at least one member who was very much male although I along with most members considered the subscriber to be female.

Any way folks, Observer has been invited to either declare his/her identity from CI, or even put up or shut up.

So my friends let us get on with maintaining our little community, by inviting others to join it and therefore expand, and may we then all benefit from shared knowledge and experiences.

Best wishes


Dr Iraj

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Dear people,

Thank you all for your support. I have had no agenda except helping our young investors. Nothing except getting a nice community together. I have now done that and have no intention of introducing a “Pay Site” as Cigar said. After the closure of CI, Cigar has been in contact with me regarding help on various issues in TA, and I replied promptly. In fact the last email was only couple of days ago. (I also tried to send him an elloit wave software by the mail and this was the message I got,,,,,,,,,

Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with its
delivery. The address which was undeliverable is listed in the section
labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----".
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to air-yg04.mail.aol.com.:
>>> RCPT To:<etstokoe@aol.com>
550 <etstokoe@aol.com>... User unknown

I feel this was due to the size of the software as I have previously replied toCIGARS emails with no problem.

I am not here to charge members. I suggest you all support pigsy for such a goob job (I have already thanked him in my email sent in early days). Our objectives should be teaching, learning, educating and capturing the human behavior psychology using mathematics and its derivatives (technical Analysis).

Without TA, we are blind. Very blind. Technical Analysis of fundamentally sound stocks give us the opportunity to shift the odds to our side, the odds of winning is all we need to beat the market. Read the market wizards by jack Schwager to see how TA traders have performed far better than non_TA traders. Read the story of Larry Williams who turned 10000 dollar into 1000,000 in one year, after eventually finding his holy grail.

I can’t tell you how thirsty our UK traders are for knowledge of trading. I introduced ADAPTIVE indicators last week as I recognized the time and place. You should all look into this most important issue. Adaptive indicators are part of Modern technical Analysis and are one of the most relevant subjects in technical Analysis. Sooner or later you realize that. You need members such as Traderxxx, to push the BB forward and break through the common pitfalls in our technical analysis of stocks and commodities.

Those who feel they know me they have probably not even met me, and those who have met me have learnt a lot in a short period and some of them are very appreciative.

Our duty should be to make money. To win. To find the secrets of the successful traders and protect our selves against the evil of ignorance. Technical analysis protects us as long as one recognizes the limitation of subject. You must all realize technical analysis fails to be of any value when market is erratic. When good news is bad news. When good earning means nothing. There are sectors that one must avoid when market mood is volatile toward these sectors.

SI is the best site around with its limited no of members and who ever who has emailed me I directed them to the site straight away. I think the last one was MADDOG. I am sure the search for Holy Grail will continue amongst you all and the reward is obviously high. This chap called Thomas Demark discovered that prices usually reverse after 9 consecutive days where close is less than the close of 4 days ago. He called this phenomenon "TD Power of 9". After few years of successful trading he is now a young retired millionaire and enjoys the result of his methodology. There are also people to spend years to develop a break out system to find out that only 30% of breakouts are true and the rest are “fake outs” and he is currently a writer ONLY as his capital run out before he identified the problem.
Knowledge and share of our experience is the name of the game. Lets keep it at that.


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Hi again Observer,
I like openness and dislike those speaking behind a curtain...this is why I am most probably the only member using their real name..
As I said in my first reply to you, and as it became obvious in your second post, you're not a first comer and you've been involved with CI and probably personally with Dr Iraj, therefore unless you come clean as to who you are or were, I will ignore all your posts of this kind..

To all other members,

Let's keep our good work on the markets and shares and stay away from what is going on or went on between Dr Iraj, David, Hibble and other founders of CI...at least until we know all the details...the point for us is keeping our community going by sticking together...thanks to Pigsy we have this BB, so as Cigar said we are in a win-win situation...if by the end of January Dr Iraj comes with a plan we'll discuss it and decide what to do next..if not together with Pigsy we'll decide what to do next as to whether we stay here permanently and what other plans Pigsy will have for this website..


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I agree that its unlikely to be, and does not sound like DC,Iraj nor Hibble.I think i know the female/male you refer to.
But whoever Observer is, is not relevant, just ignore his posts, don't reply to them. If he has respect for us all on this BB, he will tell us why he wishes this BB to sever ties with the old CI BB.
Over to you Observer,let us in on the info you have, so that we can make up our own minds,or let it be.
Good luck to you whoever you are,innuendo is not the way !!!!




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I almost did not want to stoop low enough to reply to this post, but felt a need to show solidarity.

As I said before, the truth is all important. However, innuendo is sly and nasty. I think that this should be a case of put up, or shut up.

Whatever happens in the future, whether at CI OR sharkinvested, we have formed a community based on the desire to learn, and respect of each other. For that we are all thankful, and we must simply continue in this vein of working together, esp. with such difficult times ahead.



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As others,Observer, put up or shut up.This is an open site where no-one has anything to hide and no fear of speaking out- however it may seem to others. For this reason alone , we never knock anyone, until now.


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Okay, I'll provide you with what I know to be true and you can all make up your own minds. I have nothing to gain by causing disharmony and will probably only cause myself more trouble in the form of threatening phone calls/ emails from the doc.

A collegue and myself were responsible for the construction of the two City Informer websites. We did both for very little money as we were trying to form a small web design business and wanted to have some sites under our belts to use as a portfolio.
We worked hard on City Informer, and helped wherever we could. We coniered Iraj to be both a friend and a client and moved heaven and earth to get him what he wanted. Eventually we moved the site to our server, told him about bandwidth charges and tried to explain that without the benefit of a crystal ball we couldn't predict the bandwidth charges as we didnt know how popular CI would become. We paid the first month as we agreed that month one would be in the form of a trial month. From there on in Iraj started to turn unpleasant.
We have been reliably informed that he was of the opinion that he could treat us how he wished, he often pleaded poverty to us when we asked for payment, saying how he couldnt afford the £60 bill we presented him with for work done.
He would always try to play one off against the other, complaining to my collegue about me and vice versa. His last bandwidth bill was less than £300. He argued that he wasn't going to pay it and he refused to agree to our terms and conditions for hosting so we gave him one week to move his site to another server. After all this Iraj became abusive and threatening. He threatened that he was going to pay someone to break my legs and sort me out. Made accusations about me and did nothing but lie constantly.
He decided to close the site down remarking "Why should I spend my money, my time, and expertise just to help these people out".
He cooked the numbers for the site, and posted under many names to the BB,m reason being that he wanted the site to be more appealing to advertisers.
I have nothing to gain by telling you all this, we have paid the bill ourselves and hold out no hope for a settlement, I mailed Iraj several times asking for him to be reasonable and talk about it and he responded with threats. If necassary I will post the mail concerned. Any man who threatend to have someones legs broken over a £300 bandwidth bill is no man at all in my opinion.
I have chatted to many members of CI over the course of my involvment and grew to like the ones I spoke to. I hope that this site flourishes, and that you all do well.
And to Pigsy, I apologise for dragging this into your board, I hope you can understand and forgive me for being angry.
Merry Xmas all.
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