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The end of the lockup period may push the stock a little lower, but I can't imagine very many of the insiders selling their shares at a time that the stock has plummeted so low.

If you're looking to hold onto the stock long term, by all means... though I'd probably wait for the bottom to hit... which should be pretty soon.


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Avoid at all costs......

FB is signing Third world users by the bucketful but losing the same rate of users from First world Countries......
$5 by year end if you're lucky....


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Apparantly California has been complaining that it now has to re calculate it's budget thanks to the FB share price collapse.

Facebook could have been at $1000 and the tax take would still have been a drop in debtpile the bucket for those spendthrifts.


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I sell a rise back into the $26-$28 area before the downturn continues.


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There's a chance of Facebook being admitted into the Nasdaq 100 from August 18th, as Nasdaq changed the rules to 3 months to entice Facebook to list with them. So after the fiasco of the opening day and dire three months of trading so far I'm sure Nasdaq will be keen to give them a chance to get some of the pension fund money and index trackers that only buy the stocks in the large indexes. After all institutional money is what really moves stocks the most.

So I'm waiting to see if it gets into the Nasdaq 100 in the next week or so, as that would open up a much larger pool of capital for them and help stabalise it possibly.


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Yesterday the n.o of shares available to trade increased by 60%. I think the increase was 279million. Get this though..... in November the employees, who are sitting on massive unrealized gains, can sell more than 1 BILLION.
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What if this is the mother of all short squeezes to make the staff sell the shares on instead of mortgaging them...

scose tin hat patented theory


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I can't remember the name of the company but they are currently sitting on losses of $2.4 Billion on their FB position.

Zuckerberg's net worth is down by nearly $10 Billion from $20 ish. I don't care if you still are worth 10 Bil, that hurts like hell!


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Facebook are dragging down my VOCS shares, as they are considered a social media stock.

Most annoying.


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around $19 now. It's a good company, but don't worth too much. Seems they have progress on mobility ad.Hope that can surprise us.


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Here is the rest of Facebook's lock up schedule (in million) :


What it means is : starting october 15 and going into 2013 there will be more and more shares avalaible to sell.

There was only 421 millions shares available in the starting IPO (+ 271 millions on the 8/16/2012) and the price already crashed.

More than 1,7 billion shares will hit the market in the coming months (most of them are equity from employees that will be free to sell on 11/14/2012).

What do you think will happens when the number of shares avalaible for sale will go from 700 millions to more than 2 billions in a short period of time ? :LOL:

FB started at around 100 x earnings. Now it is around 60 x earnings. With your average company trading around 15x earnings, it can go a lot lower. In my book, anyone buying FB before 2013 and the end of the lock up period is crazy.

Needless to say, I am short FB. :LOL:
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