Examples of a Daytrading Method


Yes I for one checked it out the last time you mentioned it (FANTASTIC) Have you experimented with the TCCI(6) and CCI(14) yet. FITZY 4O and the others seem to be doing very well, who needs to spend £ THOUSANDS on trips abroad to Spain when with the click of your mouse you have an excellent method that is FREE

Hi be-p,

Yes I have tried the turbo but I don't like it, it just adds another layer of complications. I like my setups very simple, or else I can't make decisions :)
Fitzy is a very good trader and a nice guy too :)

I agree, I've spent a couple of £100 on books and about the same on one course. You can learn to trade very cheaply.

Hey Helen,

Ive been spending some time in talkstox lately and have to say I find it the best system so far for trading eminis (CCI 6 & 14). Only trouble is I mentioned some signals I was getting on RSI and MACD and I was politely told to mention only CCI signals only. Strange, but was very impressed anyway.

btw how are you?
Hi S,

I'm fine :) Working hard on finishing PhD, but come next Tuesday I'll be a 9-3 ESTX trader :)