Everything you always wanted to know about TA


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It's my approach to T/A exactly Helen!

I find it infallable when used in conjunction with my crystal ball and tea leaves................

Regards :D

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They went to all that trouble of analysing the stock and they didn't put in bollinger bands or On Balance Volume indicators - how can they trade properly without those. ;)


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...and i thought only my charts looked that way ....
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Zero Cool

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You mean to tell me that thats not how the charts should look? What have I been doing all these years ;)

Maybe she should apply to bloomberg or somewhere :)


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I think I followed it up to the bit where the UFO's appeared, then I kinda lost it rather.
Why do I get the feeling that this is probably as good a way to pick winners as most ? <g>


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mind you, if she's in touch with the aliens could she get them to give Elvis back do you think?
Dave ;)
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