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Anyone here currently trading with EURUSD knows if it has bounced back from the weakening to face the trend’s resistance?
well not quite sure what you mean with the question.... for me it is as described above... a break of 1.2175 and a close above there would be the moment where i would think there is a risk for EURUSD to re test the 1.2350 highs while below 1.2175.. the rally so far from 1.1950 would be corrective... but to keep it simple.. we seem to remain very much in the range of the key fibo levels from the 4h chart... 1.2065 vs 1.2175.. break either side would give you an extension of the trend. up or down



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There all risky but EURUSD is 2nd to USDJPY for lowest vol so it moves less each day and is less risky than say AUDUSD which is higher volatility. All the action is in Indices and Commodities, I think FX is less fun to trade these days used to get 200pip moves in EURUSD know that is impossible almost.


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Why do many traders suggest trading with EURUSD currency pairs, and can a beginner trader make consistent profit with EURUSD pairs?


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Why do many traders suggest trading with EURUSD currency pairs, and can a beginner trader make consistent profit with EURUSD pairs?
Yes it's the most liquid pair to trade with normally the lowest spread. I use it for 1 minute chart scalping breaks from 1hr, 4 hr, 15m, shoot for no more than 5 pips, quite often 2 pips and its a safe place to learn your craft. Obviously steer clear of news announcements.


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oki Good luck with that... might have some upside in the short term but feel Q2 onwards it is all about the USD... EUR will be back being used as a funding ccy to buy EM... with US inflation starting to head higher while ECB continues to be stuck in the low gear.... WATCH ECB language should EUR get to 1.2300-1.2400... i feel 1.2500 is the line in the sand of tolerance from the ECB... could see them cutting rates to avoid a move to 1.3000... so any rally to 1.2350-1.2500 would be a big sell for me.. if we even get there but i guess that is what makes a market
Essential condition for this forecast is hawkish ECB we can't expect rate flows without that. however its unlikely to start bond tapering soon while Fed is apparently on the brink of tightening.


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The growth of the Euro Dollar still continued and I believe that it is too early to consider the downtrend broken. There is a possibility that the scenario of the fall continuation within the current trend will be fulfilled. Now the price is at a key level, which does not allow it to grow further, despite the fact that the EMA100 has already been broken. The MACD signal was close to becoming bearish and the resistance level of 1.1800 is still ahead. The RSI is not yet showing aggressive overbought, although it is above the middle. Therefore, I have to conclude the fact that selling now or after testing 1.1800 is my target. I will follow the market further and as soon as the fall scenario is confirmed I will go short.
Support at 1.1730 and 1.1665 will be key exit levels.
If the trend breaks through and 1.1800 takes place, then indeed, I will consider the option to buy in order to close the profit at 1.1890.


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