EUD - Eurodisney

I recently noticed this stock on my radar but didn't pay any attention to it at the time. However I was just scanning through my chart database and the chart stood out - hence this post.

The stock floated just over a year ago at 48p and has traded in the range 40-48p until May 2001 when it broke out and moved up to a recent high of 72p. It has since retraced to 64p (nice 38.2% for all you fib fans).

Results were recently posted with moderate growth and at first I didn't find much information in the way of fundamentals or forecasts - however a bit more digging has turned up the fact that a new site is being developed for 2002.

I've put this on my watchlist.
One thing about EUD chart is that both price and RSI form long flat bases before major price movements both up and down...they're doing the same right now, a retest of 72 is not unlikely...another thing upbounces are sharp one usually don't find enough time to jump in...