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Hi. I asked this question as part of my post in another thread but havn't had any responses yet so thought i'd ask here.

I have recently found this site:

I like the little chart of each stock on the right of the screen giving you a quick overview of the days action. I would like the stocks to be my own personal 'watchlist' though. Do you know of any sites where i could do this i.e. a watchlist of my stocks, with a little mini chart showing me what its done so far??

cheers for UK stocks.
Use their Monitor function to set up your watch list, and the the Microscope function to see the mini charts all together.
I think that 15 min delayed is free.
I'm a paying susbscriber, so I can't confirm.
You wan to check out bonsai's thread on creating your own charts you will be able to do this as its really easy to do and save it to your desktop