Esignal integrated with IB


I have esignal 10 with the lastest IB plugin and TWS 4.0

They do NOT integrate properly. On my order ticket I dont get last Fill as it just says N/A

So for example, i go long 200 shares and i get: 0 Pending, LONG 200, Last Fill N/A

This makes it impossible for me to trade. Does any1 else out there use this combo with an order ticket and has got it to work and if so what versions are you using (mainly the esignal version).

I have notified esignal of the problem and they have agreed it is a problem with the lastest version. However they are not sure how long a fix will take. All I have got back from them so far is "The next eSignal release is likely to be before the end of the year."

Any help is much appreciated.