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“Impossible to survive 3.5 years of Gold BEAR market for even Warren Buffet.”
"new_trader survived the impossible." :cool:

The gap mentioned in this post has been filled as expected. Some gaps take longer to fill than others and some may never get filled. There was an extremely significant development in yesterday’s trading session, something only a very experienced tape reader would understand.:cool:


The Deranged Logic of Detractors (True Story)
The price of gold falls; the detractors write, “Ha ha, new_trader is losing money”
The price of gold rises; the detractors write, “new_trader is only trading demo”
Someone writes they lose money trading, the detractors write, “I can help you”
Someone writes they make money trading, the detractors write, “FUϹK you, prove it”

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Positives in your favor:
You have a burning desire to get good at trading, to be the best, to be head and shoulders above anybody at T2W, your church. Youstated clearly and unequivocally that you had invested all your money in Gold in 2013 and that if you were wrong, you would die an ignominious financial death (approx. worded). You scoffed "Gold is real money, it cannot go down, its going to kill all the suckers who claim it will crash" ...................... Then Gold preceeded to crash for YEARS, the 1st part in sheer near vertical decline.
Even Warren Buffet would not have survived. You lost everything, your entire nest egg. So it really does not matter what Gold does since or now. The BEAR market destroyed YOU and millions of your fellow Gold bugs.

What happens next is only a matter of time. :cool:

new_trader shreds the detractors' brain.

"new_trader's in your head now deadbroke fibo_trader, there's no escape, ever!"

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UPDATE: Although it's too early to say, it looks like the price of gold is going to consolidate around the price range the gap was formed. This would confirm the significant development I mentioned in this post.
  • A breakdown of the consolidation range should not extend too deep or last too long.
  • A breakout of the consolidation range, especially above the previous high, should be a significant move, mind the gaps!
  • It’s likely the breakdown/breakout will not happen until sometime around the next FOMC meeting -29 Jan 2020, especially if the consolidation continues until then.


Gold is making or has already made ALL TIME HIGHS in many major fiat currencies, you need to ask if it makes sense to happen in every fiat currency. Gold to the moon, sometime soon?


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The article below arrived in my inbox and it reminded me of THE STUPIDEST thing ever posted on Trade2win.:ROFLMAO:


Calling all comedians - The gold market is so small it could fit in Warren Buffet’s teacup
  • Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has a market cap that is a whopping 266 times bigger than the value of the gold registered for delivery at the Comex.
  • Warren Buffet could buy every ounce of registered gold at the Comex with 1.6% of his cash!

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Gold appears to have broken out of the consolidation range I mentioned in this post on Jan 11, 2020. The USD1600 level will take time to work through.


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The market has a dip and all the bears come out of the woodwork! The tape is telling me that this is just another correction in a market that is in the process of topping out, and I only ‘listen’ to what the tape tells me, everyone and everything else is irrelevant.

The coronavirus is not the reason for the market decline, it’s the excuse that will green-light Central Banks to do much more of what the market has been begging for - Lower interest rates and more QE. There is no way, no how, no why that Donald Trump wants to go down in history as a one-term president, he will literally crack skulls at the US FED if he don’t get more of what he demands - lower interest rates and QE∞

IMO: The market will make new highs before the next US election.


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If I was to ignore all the news about the current bogeyman and just focus on what the tape is telling me, I would say the ES is going to find support in the low 2200’s (+/- 150). I am always prepared to be wrong and learn something new in the process, however it was my reading of the tape that got me into stocks near the 2009 lows and kept me in stocks throughout the US debt downgrade, GREXIT, BREXIT, The trade ‘war’, that bogeyman, this bogeyman…etc…etc…

My forecast is this:

The next market rally will take stocks to a new nominal high and that will be the final high and end of this bull market. I can’t say exactly when that will happen, but my guess is that Donald Trump will do ‘whatever it takes’ to try and win the next election. He has claimed ownership of the stock market rally since his election, so the final rally could happen later this year.

Gold is acting like it did during the last crisis but with one major difference - DXY is over 100 and gold closed above USD1500. In other words, the gold price has remained strong despite the apparent strength is the USD.

The only reason there are unprecedented moves in the markets is because there has been unprecedented monetary and fiscal policies in place since the 2008 financial crisis. All the people who argued with me in this forum over the years about fiat money and Central Bankers…THIS IS YOUR FINAL WAKE UP CALL. If you don’t ‘get it’ now, YOU NEVER WILL.

"It makes NO DIFFERENCE what the pin is that bursts the bubble. It was Governments & Central Bankers that created the bubble in the first place."

Here are some reminders:
  1. What is money? Where does our money come from?
  2. Keynes Vs. Hayek
  3. Jun 9, 2014 - Financial Crisis forecast
  4. Nov 30, 2014 - We're headed for a great big worldwide recession!
  5. Mar 21, 2015 - Central Bankers make things worse

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