Epson Printer.


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I have been using an Epson printer.Model Stylus C40UX.That I bought in August 2002.
I have now got a problem,It has just stopped printing both black and colour .I have changed the inks,black and colour and have tried cleaning the heads but cannot get the ink to come through.
Can any one tell me if there is any thing I can do to get it working again.
I bought this,brand new from a computer trade fair and cannot take it back to the supplier.
Any suggestions how I can get it going again.
Phone Epson UK support. They're excellent. Tell them the story. DONT tell them you have non epson cartridges fitted ( if you have).
With new cartridges at £20 ish, it's cheaper to buy a new printer at £50.....
try reloading drivers from the cd that should have come with the printer, otherwise thump it, worked on my c20ux
Epson Printer

Hi Fluke,

I am sure that you have checked that the printer has not somehow been set to ' Paused', but in case you have not it might be worth a look.
Forgive me if you already have, but I got caught out quite badly recently with a similar problem on an identical model, when advising a friend who has very limited computer knowledge, I tried everthing I could think of. In the end he solved it himself.
Felt a bit a an idiot. Swore I would never overlook the obvious again.

Kind regards

Chartman,Martinwalker and davelong.
Thanks for your replies,at least now I have something to try before buying a new printer.
I have been using none Epson inks for the reason yo say Chartman.
I would be lost with out Trade 2 Win, you can get help on any subject.
LOL you blokes.