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Not sure if this is the right board, but here goes.
Has anyone any experience of myBroker Enigma system. They give buy and sell signals (for a price of course), but not too expensive. The signals are for buying shares - but a fellow T2Wer has adapted them for spreadbetting.
I know most of you trade indices, but I am going to concentrate on FTSE 100 shares for the moment and would really appreciate your thoughts on the above.
Hey you guys and gals. Lots of you have looked. Doesn't anyone have any experience of the Enigma system???
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I don't have any experience of Enigma, and I've never heard of anyone who has. Not helpful I know, but at least you've got some feedback! :)

Hi Skimbleshanks.
Many thanks for your masterful 'non reply' :p
You're not a politician are you?? :confused:
Don't take it personally if no one replies!! It obviously just shows how few customers myBroker has for its Enigma product.

There are a few of these in the UK and loads in the US. In the end they are just Black Box systems - which you should avoid like the plague. 90% of trading is psychological - as soon as this system produces a few losing trades you will lose confidence and give up.

But if you desperately want to pay for buy/sell signals I will help. Just send me £10 per month and I will tell you to buy when stocks go up through their 20 day MA and sell when they go down through their 40 day MA. That is probably what most Black Box systems do. And is all you are going to get for £10 per month! :D
There's nothing negative about sending me money. Look on it as a positive, learning experience.