Elite Trader Not so Elite?

How Many People go on Elite Trader

  • I use it and it is great

    Votes: 21 37.5%
  • I use it but I am thinking of leaving

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • I don't use it but would like to start

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • I don't use it because its rubbish

    Votes: 8 14.3%
  • I use it and it is okay

    Votes: 19 33.9%

  • Total voters

ilia king

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Does anyone have an account in elite traders, any views about it? I am thinking of joining as well.

But having a look around their site I think t2w is much more better.

I would appreciate any comments.


Ilia :cheesy:

ilia king

Well-known member
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Thanks Rognvald will look at the link, how could I improve the voting, it is a bit dodgy.

Thanks very much,



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Well - something on the lines of "I use it and its OK" might give a bit more balance


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I believe that message boards are very much like major cities.
Like major cities, they have great resources and attractions. Some parts of the city are beautiful and safe, while other parts of the city, are filled with eyesores and crime.

As with any major city, you must protect yourself from its negatives and be open minded to its resources and attractions. Unlike residents of any city who carry identification and are subject to the law, some message board members use aliases to spew negatiivty and peddle their goods or help and contribute, while others show their identification and do the same.

I happen to like Elite and T2W. Congrats on building and governing a great city Sharky.

ilia king

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Great Post Jai! So far everyone says that Elite Trader has some very good bits. Rognvald, I'll redo the options


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Well - something on the lines of "I use it and its OK" might give a bit more balance

Your avatar very nearly broke into a smile when you posted that


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Several of my Traders friends have posted their “NOT Recommended" comments on Elite Traders Forums for a Forex/Futures Broker: AMP Trading (n) and they noticed that ET keeps deleting them and only posting the good comments. They did not even get any feedback from ET Administration for their actions! :-0
That would never happen at T2W.

This is clearly a very bad business practice and a violation of their own Forum rules.

This is another reason why T2W is the best and most professional Forums.

A Dashing Blade

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There are a few nuggets in there but you have to look very very hard for them. Much flaming goes on, get the feeling that there arn't that many full-time traders on there, certainly a lot of wanna-be's.


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About 95% of Elite Trader's Forum members are beginners or people that blew up their accounts. The other 5% , about 99% of them are paper trading and misleading "Live" traders, the other 1% of the 5% are people looking to sell their untested, unreliable and fraudulent trading methods or systems.
And then on top of that their Broker Recommendations are fixed and very misleading and dishonest because they allow the Brokers employees to post favorable comments. (n)

Keep up the good honest site T2W.


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Diferent mix of traders really. More paranoid yanks on ET for a start. Nevertheless, most people use both, so the content tends to be similar... there's probably more threads relevant to me on ET actually... more locals who post there... but then they lurk here too :)

T2W is a much better website though, from a technical and aesthetic point of view.
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