Elite Trader really has some mean people on it.

Thanks for that CB. I suspect that you are more correctly describing a crap christian given the Dalai Lama's assertion that Buddhism's goal is happiness.

You should try firefox 2 with Adblock (try remove it permanently as well although thats pretty agressive). It will solve your advert issues on every site ... thus reducing your attachment to material things. As well as enjoying Elite Trader more. :)
Don't want to sound rude but there is certain contradiction inherent in trading forums. Novices try to learn from experienced ones, so that they can take their money later :)

Considering this somewhat 'hostile' fact, forums are actually filled with encouraging percentage of great personalities (I would dare to say above everyday's average)

I would say it's lucky for you that trading went electronic as if you are scared by some 'flaming' by some anonymous poster you would have struggled in the pits where flaming had a whole different meaning.

As for people saying that E-T has this negative influence,what's wrong with people being passionate about something?It's better than hearing the same posters post their so-called 'expert' opinion about anything and everything.Honestly,the amount of posts some members make it makes you wonder where they find the time to actually do any trades,that is if they're even traders in the first place?

Yes, agree. Too many 'girls blouses' (to use a quaint British expression) out there. You need to grasp your spondoolies & confidently outwit these fools.
It also seems to me that ET is more US based while T2W is more Brit and cool and moderate.
Some guy started a thread there entitled " The US is a big bag of wind " that really got the Yanks jumping