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ilia king

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I was wondering if it would be a good idea to trade currencies in pairs, well I know they are traded like that, EUR-USD, Eur long, Usd, short, but I mean like looking at the EUR/USD, and the USD/JPY.

Does anyone know any currencies that are going along the same trend or completely different. Well except EUR/USD and the USD/EUR :cheesy:

Any comments greatly appreciated

Ilia :cool:


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Is this what you mean?


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ilia king

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Thanks Boy, that is what I meant, but how are the prices so similar (I mean similar in the movements)?

ilia king

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Interesting piece of charting software you have there/ trading platform. If you dont mind me asking what is it?

ilia king

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Thanks I will try it out, I presume that it is globex? Also why is the EUR/CHF and the EUR/USD, so similar, in their movements. Is their a fundamental reason for that. Do you trade with GFT, if you do which do you think is better for a small investor, gft or Interactive Brockers? Thanks again.

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ilia king

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Now that the EUR/USD has rapidly fallen, I was wondering what would have happened if I was trading it and the USD/CHF? When the EUR/USD would have breached the 100 EMA, and started to fall, the USD/CHF, would have broken the 100 EMA and gone up, so there would have been a lot of money to make, as it went up, I think, 2%. I would have sold the EUR/USD and bought the USD/CHF.

Any comments greatly appreciated, as I would like to evaluate this system. And the members of T2W can greatly help me
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