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I found this on the IR BB.

!In John Sweeney's interview with Gary Smith in this issue
! ("Playing The Breakouts: Gary B. Smith Of TheStreet.com"),
! Smith discusses how he screens stocks using TC2000.
!The TC2000 scans can be recreated in AIQ TradingExpert using the following code:

At the request of, and out of respect for Zippy, I have deleted this EDS routine.


I would like to delete the above post. Any suggestions as to how it can be done. I have looked for delete buttons but no luck. I might have breached some rules on IR bb.

Alleycat, are you suggesting that we should also have exit routines within this formula?

can't comment on the the breach of rules but this eds doesn't contain anything approaching rocket science.

I also use something very similar and test for price breakouts, volume and filter out penny shares.
The contents of the original post containing an EDS routine has been deleted at the request of the poster.
The best way to refer people to posts on other BBs is to post the link.

Doing this means you are not breaking any copyright agreements, as the links themselves cannot be copyrighted and by following the link you visit the site.

Zippy - can you therefore post the link for the above - it looks interesting, and I've trawled through the site but just can't track it down. Thanks.


I am afraid you will not be able to track the thread down at the IR BB as the thread can be accessed/available by invitation only. The thread is run by Iraj(GS) and provides excellent postings for traders.
It's only visible to those who have have joined his club by personal invitation. If you wish I can let him know that you are interested.

Re exit strategy. Well obviously no trade is complete without a means of exit. Your original post included a strategy for going long and short. It might be an extremely good strategy but without knowing when to exit it has no meaning. Is the trade intended for a long, short or medium term trade?

When running an EDS backtest you have several options for exit. (i.e. Trailing Stop, Protect capital etc.)

If these values are not provided as part of a scan then the scan is useless to other readers of the post. (Alternatively you could upload the entire EDS file to the BB and then that will include the exit strategy that you used for your scan.)

I have however now read your updated posts and undertand your concerns for copyright etc. Just thought I would let you and others know for any future posts made to this group.