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I think something odd is going on with the change of file using
edit,browse function.
when I tried to replace one file with another in 43403
it changes the name of the file but in fact seems to be loading the original file.
I think the problem is your end as I changed the name of my original file so its name no longer exists on my computer but
nevertheless is the filename (and contents) which appear when I try to open it.

Would you have a look please.

PS: Thought I would log off the internet and then come back on.
Seems to have done the trick as I am now getting the right file
when I download. So maybe the problem is my end after all.

But would appreciate you checking nevertheless.
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Hi Bonsai,

Sure I'll take a look. Will let you know my findings!

Ta, for letting me know.
unfortunately, I dont get an option to 'replace'.
I get an option to 'upload new attachment' and this automatically
cancels alternative choice of 'keep'.
so should do the same thing.