Reinstalling Windows! (And keep files!)


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I have reinstalled windows in this manner. It replaced files that were possibly corrupted or that have been overwritten and were incompatible versions. I did not overwrite redundant files or drivers from devices that have been removed so I did not remove any conflicts it might have. It was essential that I made a backup of my files! I used a 'windows boot disk' to restart my PC. Then I reinstalled windows from a Microsoft Windows 98 2nd Edition CD. It might tell me it has found a file that is newer than the one it is about to install. I kept the newer files when I was prompted! If this did not help clear up my problem after I had finished the reinstalation I would repeat the reinstalation process then when asked do I want to replace the newer files I would say no. I have done this on my system and it has not removed any of my business files. This way just overlays windows files on top of my existing files. PS. I """Avoided""" "FDISK" + "Formating" these would wipe out my system clean!
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Further to that, On W98/W95 simplly delete "WIN.COM" and re-install windows .) This overwrites all windows system files, but leaves everything else intact. Just watch for the screen that says
"INSTALL TO WINDOWS.000" or "other directory". Chose " other directory" and enter "WINDOWS".
Failure to do this gives you a second Win98 system under windows.000 directory :(
Windows missing file!

Do you have a vxd file or some other file missing off your Win 98 system. Search and reinstate it in "windows" type in "sfc" in the "run" box. (In Windows me/xp use "System restore")
When running SFC, beware the bug that says " setup.dll is corrupt" - it isn't!