Economist Backs Kerry


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With a heavy heart, we think American readers should vote for John Kerry on November 2nd

YOU might have thought that, three years after a devastating terrorist attack on American soil, a period which has featured two wars, radical political and economic legislation, and an adjustment to one of the biggest stockmarket crashes in history, the campaign for the presidency would be an especially elevated and notable affair. If so, you would be wrong. This year's battle has been between two deeply flawed men: George Bush, who has been a radical, transforming president but who has never seemed truly up to the job, let alone his own ambitions for it; and John Kerry, who often seems to have made up his mind conclusively about something only once, and that was 30 years ago.
Yes, that's insightful indeed, especially for 'The Economist'; thanks for posting that.

From the sound of all the lawyers already warming up over there, I suspect it might be quite a while before there's a President, and that he may not have a mandate anyway, in anything approaching real terms.