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I received an email from wave59 recently. It was wishing me a happy new and for being such a great customer (I left them over a year ago) they were giving me an analysis done for the Dow. This comes from their £2000 "book" called the unified theory of the markets aka big bertha.
There is a thread already on this topic in the for sale/wanted section

Anyway, having nothing to do with them I thought I'd share for everyone what that forecast was. One is long term, and another goes into much more detail with specific dates for when a turning point is likely.
It may or may not come to pass, but hey, its free and if I saw the Dow reacting to anything like this rhythm I'm not sure I'd turn my nose up at it :cheesy:
It will be interesting to see just how good this bertha thing is.

Now before PB starts chanting scam, and BJ starts asking for statements I have nothing to do with W59 anymore and I am not advocating the use of this and I may or may not trade off this. If I do, thats my own business. If I do make money, I may tell you, but I wont be providing statements OK!

The blue line at the bottom is the raw output of their algorithm, and the red lines show how it maps to price. Although they aren't always sure how large a particular swings is going to be, they're pretty good at figuring out the direction and time of turns.


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