Dow Jones DFB Intraday Live


I'll be posting my live trades and discussing all things Dow-related.

Hoping other Dow traders will join me. As I work nights, I'll only be trading the US session from about 13.30 London time.

This is very much a learning exercise for me, so I'm trading a micro account rather than demo, which I consider a waste of time. I've chosen the Dow because of its big moves, low spread, and extreme volatility, and hoping I don't regret it.

I'll try to post most weekdays.

So guys & gals, let's kick some Dow ass!;)
Just looking at the Dow now, it's broken above the 76.4% fib from the all time high, and looks to be headed tomorrow for new highs, or, a possible double top. If it breaks into new highs, so above 31,725 on my charts, then I guess the sky's the limit. However, for intra-day trading, I have a possible resistance level right on top of today's R2 pivot @ 31,835.

See what happens.
The price on Dow soon turned south after I posted last night, and now it is sitting on my hourly 200 exponential moving average at 31,420. What I'm hoping is that the price now pulls back a bit, maybe back up towards today's central pivot which I have at 537, because I think there's a lot more downside on this, don't know whether we'll see it today, but I reckon Dow could soon be back at 31,000. Just my view and I could be totally wrong.

All comments most welcome.
Just viewing my charts for the first time today. Looks pretty messy right now. Might have found a top for today though around today's R1 pivot. I do see the possibility of a short opportunity fairly soon, so I'll post it if I do go short.
Nope, nothing on that I can see.

Hopefully, I'll have more time to trade next week.

Happy weekend!
Just opened my charts to see the price pushing down further ahead of the NY open, with today's support so far being today's S2 pivot, which as I type is sending the price back up again. See where the NY open takes it, and hopefully, get a trade opportunity a bit later. Looks to me to be more downside, quite a lot more, say down to pivot S3 today at least.
Don't know if anyone agrees with me, but I've got the price coming all the way back down to around 30,000 over the course of the rest of this month, ignoring of course, all the intra-day volatility.
rationale for that trade was a combination of the 61.8% fib which the price reached, and today's central pivot and 30 min 200sma, which were just above the price.