Dow Intraday charts 18/08 22/08

CM, wasn't that a 3 peak PD between 15.15 and 17.00? Or was the middle peak down too far off the line?

I had gone short at 9480 and closed on the rsi drop to 20 odd. Was going to go short again after the 100EMA break (ie lower lows and -20) but thought I saw divergence and after what's been happening in the last few days, ie bounces, decided not to. Called it a day at that point - guess I should have paid more attention to the channel break - need to work on my support and resistance bits.

Not sure what to do when 100EMA is broken by 20 (for a safe entry) but divergence is setting in. Go for it with stoploss (eg break the 100 by 20 the other way) or safety?

Could you tell me what software you use to produce the charts above and also what feed you use - Thanks
Sierra Charts from and MyTrack feed from
Is the US open tomorrow?
yes,US is closed next Mon for Labor Day. Tomorrow should be interesting....follow thru or recovery....

don't expect much from this week and dont read too much into what hap's before labour day - the big boys r still in Acapulco... :) desnt mean u cant bag a few nice pts in this illiquid mrkt tho :)