Does anyone know any good candlestick chart websites for UK stocks


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Does Anyone know and good candlestick chart websites for UK stocks


I'm after candlestick charts for UK stocks. I currently use for US stuff, but was wondering if there is a similar site for UK stocks and indices.

Can anyone help?

You'll find that many of the US chart websites also cover UK stocks. You need to root around to find what code you need to put in front to access UK information.

For example, covers UK stocks - you need to put UK: in front of the ticker. So for BAE Systems (BA.) you would need to type in UK:BA. in the box.

You need to go to Interactive Charting within, and you can then select candles, etc.

Here's a link to one I prepared earlier, so to speak:
then click on Chart Style, and change this to candles, etc.
For a live feed I use Proquote, which includes a goood charting package , but costs!
However, I always seem to be referring back to because I like the options, which include candlesticks, and world markets. The data is delayed though.
You can use QuoteTracker for UK stocks and get both intraday and historical charts. On Historical charts, just need to add UK: or GB: prefix to the symbols. For quotes, you can use ADVFN or soon to be added MoneyAM