Do you like the colours?


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I like the overall color scheme for the site. Well I would they wouldn't I, since I chose them! But I was wondering if you would like me to lighten the two alternating blues used in the threads, and across the Forums as a background to the text. Do you find the darker blue background a little more difficult to read the black text.

Just a thought,


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It's a perfect choice. I have great difficulty reading some things on webb pages through bad choice of colours. Being colour blind, it's a pain.
These colurs are very pleasant to the eyes and perfectly readable( as someone else said).

I like the blues used in the threads - they're just great as they are.

There's only one thing - and that's there are two shades of turquoisey-blue used on the left-hand menu bar. One's greener than the other.



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I'm with Martin on this one.

I can see only one color of blue on the menu bar. I'm using 16 bit color, on win 2000 and IE.

Now don't tell me you've got a Mac with 16 colors and Netscape. :)


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