Dell Axim X5 PDA-Set problem


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For all those that may have been struggling with setting up their Dell PDA -here is one avenue that may help.

I recently purchased a Dell for my Mrs birthday. She was really chuffed and smiles were beaming constantly from her face!

However, the smiles soon disappeared when we tried to setup her Axim linked to her laptop with Microsoft Active Sync.

I tried everything that I could - I thought maybe their was a problem with the PDA but when I tried it on our desktop PC it worked perfectly. I then started to consider if there was a problem with the Laptop.

To cut a long story short for about two months I have been trying to set it up with no luck. I tried various internet sites who gave some very helpful information but none of them seem to work.

My wife eventually gave up and started to use it without the syncronisation.

Her smiles gone I decided enough was enough I had to get this thing working.

I searched the laptop meticulously trying to find what the culprit was. I remember somewhere I read a post on this BB from Oatman about Zonealarm not very stable with the new version.

So I thought I would start there. My wife did have Zone Alarm on her laptop but it was the older version and it was not running. It was disabled.

After trying out a few other things I ended up back at Zone Alarm. I said to myself there is just one thing I can do and that was to uninstall Zone Alarm completely and see if that worked. To my surprise! as soon this was done everything started to function correctly.

The sad part of the story is that my wife got use to using it without the syncronisation so I did not get many more smiles for my effort.

Just goes to show that it is very difficult trying to please a woman!!
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