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here's the chart


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thanks chartman. I've been watching the whole sector and am not surprised - I suspect that the there will be a lot of tipping over the next few months.

BTW. How did you identify this type of breakout - can AIQ identify these using an EDS or is it just visual?
I run a batch of varied EDS routines each night ( anorak) and these are designed to pick up various changes such as volatility,macd crossovers,phase changes etc.Then I take a visual look at the chart to see what it's done, or likely to do. I always look at different timescales, as well as candlesticks, OHLC and line, each revealing their own hidden secrets. I'm sure the gurus on AIQ EDS group could program an EDS routine to find breakouts ( there is one in AIQ reports that has a 5 day filter) but it's beyond my capabilities. :(
They have just published one that picks stocks that are likely to bounce of the lowwer bollinger band and it's a nightmare, but looks to work ok.....
Thanks for your frank reply CM.

Trendline breakouts are extremely difficult to program (I have tried too, another anorak!). Since seeing your reply I have tried running OmniTrader again - it has a breakout profile that uses trendlines but is doesn't pick up DEB...
Have you tried using the trendline break section in AIQ Reports? I run all reports 2 or 3 times a week, and the reports section identifies all shares where the priceline has crossed within (I think) the previous 5 days a trendline you have drawn before. It is then an easy matter to drop that into the Reports list and run through them visually. Normally it lists a load of garbage because I invariably leave my trendlines in place, but it can throw up some useful breakout situations.

With regard to Vera's Bollinger Band system, I reckon I have a better chance of deciphering Sanscrit than the EDS code that goes with it.

Yes , enigma rings a bell here wrt the BB system :) I do run, occaisionally, the breakout AIQ reports thingy... I think you can adjust the parameters but to what effect, I don't know. I've not found it too interesting, even as an anorak :)