DAX Intraday - December


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Just a look where we might be heading this week.

Think the Index will find it hard to get past the inverted hammer
shown here on the Dialy cash & marked with an elipse also notice the Doji for Friday


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If I was a bull, I'd think about going long............! ;)


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Yep I've got 3760 as first resistance.

Line of resistance from Nov 7th.


There's room for it to move up to 3790, cannot see it surpassing that, imho.

Nice clearly defined divergences on the chart you've posted - RSI/price
Well still dithering whether to take a long at 3 mins to 8am,
now gone small short.

There is a small gap at 745-752 on the cash chart

if you don't like overhead resistance - just gap up through it !

no problem

next I think is 3824. that might prove a bit more difficult.
Well S&P at res. INDU lagging. DAX just come hit it's recent high

I am short @ 804 & 787.


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Interesting candle formed on D4F cash 1 day- Evening Star ? I suppose we'll have to wait until the day's trading is finished!!


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Now flat- small profit -took 792.

For that Evening star to stay in place, it's going to have to be a tight trading range today.

If it is & does will be back for a big short
Going nowhere- bands have constricted


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lost 10 ticks this morning, thought we would see another push into the highs around the 3821/24 area.

Waiting for 3pm now.
does look as though it needs another boost from somewhere
before it can take out the short stops.
Nasdaq presumably ?
I have futs up +11 at the moment but it seems that is not enough.
I find that markets tend to move to take out stops
then they reverse and take out stops at the other end ?

and in between they are ambiguous ?
Just looking at the 50 day EMA & how far this index travels from it in an upward move- at most c.240pts as Elder states at that distance fools value.

At present it's not far away from that over stretched position.


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DAX Intraday Charts


Where can I get the DAX intraday? Is there any site where its available REALTIME for free?

I've found FTSE100 on Bigcharts but what is the SYMBOL for the DAX? Also, the FTSE100 is delayed by a few minutes.