It looks like you've picked another pair of winners in the competition this week.

Without giving away any trade secrets could you give us a clue about your strategy?
The man has done it again this week. Nice one on SRF Dave. We need more posts from you!

I have to tell you guys, Dave is my Partner's son....and I'm well proud.I can no longer take any credit for his picks and I have to admit, the two prior weeks , he picked my entries for me ( kitchen rebuild blah blah)
As a spooky coincidence, I picked SRF totally independantly of Dave this week as a long.
Rock on!No doubt he'll enlighten you as to his methods and take his rightful praise in his stride.
Dave replying on Chartmans PC

Firstly I look at www.moneyextra.com, this gives a list of the previous days biggest risers and biggest fallers. I then analysis each of these shares using Chartman's TradingExpert Pro 6.0 charts.
By looking at the graphs you can usually discount companies that have just had a one off unusual rise. Then making a short list of those that seem to have a fairly steady/good rise or fall, further analysis is required.
The next thing I look at is the volume of trades, this has to have a steady increase and a good volume. Also velocity, CCI and TCI have to be heading up/down.
Lastly and most importantly you need LUCK.