April 05 Competition Winners


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The results of the April competitions were as follows:

Dow Competition Winners

1st Place: counter_violent 12 pts
2nd Place: mactwo1 11pts
3rd Place: Racer, KiltedWarrior 10 pts (Joint)
5th Place: GregSkul, adrianallen99 9 pts (Joint)

Share Competition Winners

1st Place: vos (£71,704.79 with a successful buy and hold strategy on SGT - 'Sagittarius Pro')
2nd Place: archimg (£66,666.59 with a profitable short trade in IBB - 'Islamic Bank')
3rd Place: mactwo1 (£66,340.48)
4th Place: Responsible Lad (£62,881.08)
5th Place: Winner_April (£60,321.26)

Congratulations to all our winners, emails have been sent out on how to claim your prizes - good luck to everyone this month. If you haven't received your email, please check to make sure the email in your profile is the correct one, if not then please update it and contact us to resend your email.
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