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Hello :)

What is this?
A tool that effectively replaces the Metatrader4 Backtester, which means it can be used to analyse and optimise the performance of your Expert Advisors - with over 100x the accuracy of a backtest.

Why do I need it? How does it work?
To make it short: Because you want reliable numbers on the future performance of your Expert Advisors, which a backtest can not give you.

To get more information, please read my 2 articles about this tool:
Why backtests are useless, EAs are flawed and their parameters are bad [DISCUSS]
Walk Forward Analysis - the only logical successor to backtesting [DISCUSS]

Is it hard to use?
Not harder than a backtest!
Here you can find the tutorial, which should give you a small insight in the WFA process:
Also, here is an example analysis-report: . You don't need to understand every aspect of it tough.
(Note: The report was made with the default "Moving Average"-Expert Advisor that every MT4 ships with, so don't expect any good results.)

* Not sure about that, but this should be the best method available to analyse Expert Advisors
* It replaces Metatrader-4 backtests...
* ... and is 100x more 'accurate' than classic backtesting
* It is as easy to do as backtesting
* It is fully automated, the algorithms will do all the work
* It can judge the future performance of Expert Advisors, not just the past performance
* It gives every Expert Advisor the ability to adapt itself to the ever-changing markets
* You can start your first Walk-Forward-Analysis within 5 minutes from reading this thread
* As long as you are kind and there are not too many support-queries, I will try and help you with problems (I do this for free, so don't demand anything, I dare you ;) )
* It is free & open source




Download: (excuse the ugly ip-link, this is my private server)

Other things to mention:
Because I know that almost nobody will register an account anywhere, just to report a bug, I included the most basic IRC-client.
Use it to contact me directly from within the tool.
But remember, you do not pay anything for this, and I am not in debt of answering or anything.
So, be kind and don't abuse this chat, otherwise I will take it offline!

Current state & future updates:
This is the very first alpha-release! So there might be bugs and broken code and stuff, keep that im mind when using it, and report all errors, please.
There is a small update-reminder included, and because this is still an alpha, please download all updates, as they might be important.
You can also subscribe to this thread, as I will post news and stuff here.

Why is this free?
Let me explain my motivations: I am targeting a job in the trading-economy, and this is not easy to get. Beeing known in the community would help me a lot to accomplish this goal, so I decided to release some of my private tools for free and/or open source to make myself a name over the next months. I am not here to sell you stuff, keep that in mind, please!

That said, please, if you like the tool: Share it & tell your friends.
That is all I want as service in return. So thanks in advance for that.

Btw: you can share this tool in every way you want, there is no licence or other stuff tied to it. Do whatever you want with it!

How about the source code?
I want to tidy it up a bit before releasing, I will make sure you get to know when it is released. But there is no fixed date for this yet, as I do not have much time at the moment :)


PS: I will not be home until monday morning, so until then I can not fix bugs or answer questions or anything.

PPS: I registered a domain and was thinking about a small website where everybody could share his/her own trading scripts/programs/spreadsheets etc.
If you have anything to share, you might contact me, and perhaps I set up such a site :)
Otherwise, that was just an idea, so there might already be such a website?!
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