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Hello fellow traders :)

Today I can finally release my algorithmic trading framework. I have been working on this for many months, and now its time to share it.
Its an algotrading framework, which builds on top of Metatrader4 and MQL Expert Advisors, and it is meant to analyse, optimise and manage our EAs.


[*] Indicator -> EA Wizard: generate an Expert Advisor out of any Metatrader Indicator automatically. Use it to backtest indicators (even if you are a manual trader without coding skills) or to speed up EA development ( Tutorial will follow soon! )

[*] EA Builder: A simple to use EA builder allows you to let your computer search for new trading systems - without human interaction

[*] Walk Forward Analyzer: Analyse your trading systems with Walk Forward Analysis - fast, effective, multithreaded.

[*] Metatrader4 Integration: DATFRA works on top of Metatrader4, you do not have to change your preferred trading enviroment to use it!

[*] MQL Library: Many MQL Functions and EA templates come with DATFRA, everything you need to immediately start EA programming!

[*] System Management: The internal Database allows you to manage your EAs, parametersets and various kinds of analysis reports - neat and central

[*] Data Manager: DATFRA can import history data from Metatrader4, Metatrader5 or CSV files.

Planned Features: (lot of them are already coded):

[*] Parameterspace Analysis: An analysis method 10.000 times as powerful as Walk Forward Analysis, read more about its concepts: http://darwins-fx-tools.com/?articles&art4

[*] Professional & Flexible Builder: This will allow you to use any MQL Function, any Metatrader indicator and any Expert Advisor for system building - full freedom for professional traders

[*] Portfolio Creation: Analyse correlation of trading systems - and build the ideal portfolio

[*] Live Optimisation: Let DATFRA re-optimise your EAs for the current market conditions - based on your findings during walk forward- or parameterspace analysis.

[*] Cloud Builder: The simple EA Builder - which is already implemented - will upload it's found EAs, for the whole community to download. Let's work together finding the best trading systems

[*] Monte Carlo Simulations: Determine the real statistical characteristics of a trade-distribution

This is an alpha version, so please be so kind and report all bugs to me via skype, pm or e-mail: http://darwins-fx-tools.com/?contact
As long as this is a tiny project, everybody is also invited to contact me for general help or questions about the framework.

The software is free - and I want to keep it that way. However, I am not just sharing this because I am such a nice person, but also because I want to make some valuable contacts and reputation through this project. So, if you like it, pay back through sharing this with as many traders as possible :)

As this is under heavy development, I will update this thread frequently, whenever I change something or add new features - so subscribe if you do not want to miss it!







Download & Instructions:

Download the tool here: http://darwins-fx-tools.com

ATTENTION: There is a manual linked on my website, READ IT ALL! You will not even be able to install this software if you do not carefully follow the instructions (thats not a 'just click on Next' kind of installation routine!)
The manual is constructed out of slideshows with a bit of text, so it wont take long. But you MUST read every text below every image, there are sometimes very important instructions written there.
If you do not do so - please, dont bother using my software.

Here is a collection of the manual and all my articles about trading system analysis, thanks to x26s: http://darwins-fx-tools.com/dl/DATFRA_-_Summary_of_articles_and_the_manual.pdf



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New August key can be found on the website & new version has some bug fixes, mostly regarding gnuplot.
Please make sure to use the exact gnuplot version from my manual, however!

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