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[DARWIN] WNJ by JillDallionFund

JillDallionFund portfolio (Darwin WNJ) consists of 30 automated and algorithmic based trading systems with an aggregated 223 strategies (i.e. 223 “trading charts”).

Each strategy is defined as a combination of predetermined fixed logic of entry and exit designed to trade a particular forex pair or commodity.

Trading systems include momentum, breakouts, trend, counter-trend, reversal of broader trend, and pattern recognition are traded using lotsize determined quantitatively based on 2 basic fundamentals:
1) strategy’s historic statistics of maximum drawdown and,
2) strategy’s trading frequency.

Correlations of strategies are analyzed qualitatively only as a guide during strategies mining/development phrase. The aim of the fund is to maximize return and maintaining a strong sharpe ratio through diversification of hypothetical equity curve of individual strategy as much as possible.

Our fund allows potential investors to assess our performance with a higher statistical significance considering the amount of predictions and trades we have undertaken in the last 2 years (currently our strategies allow for about 1,600 trades per month on average).

For WNJ's performance, check out the link:

Last 6 month's performance:
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Thanks @CavaliereVerde.

Just providing a little bit of update:
While the stock market and crypto has been tanking lately, WNJ has been consistent in its trading strategies and algorithms, and continue to perform decently. Every month will have fluctuations in the market and by maintaining the diversified strategies, the goal is to have continuous profits in the long term, and not just short term thinking / adjustments influenced by bias.

Last month's performance:
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