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Today my Darwin MOT was published by Darwinex in the afternoon.


Trades are only entered manually.
There is a robot working in the background to set and maintain a trailing stop in the profit zone, but it is seen working rarely.

All trades have a take profit and a stop loss from the beginning with different levels for different assets.
I use the 'Trade Manager 4 Lite' from the mql5.com Forum for MT4 in the free version.

The following assets are watched:

I used only the first four for trading on this account until now.

When the Darwin is published first time today, MOT is not only the No. 1 in Return on the 'Latest' filter in the 'LAST MONTH' ranking ...

.. MOT is also the No. 1 in Return in the 'LAST MONTH' ranking of all 2,773 Darwins!

Although I personally take it more as a fun fact which happens much easier to young Darwins than to established ones.
But it's just nice to be able to document that in my Darwin MOT.
Maybe I write more about my view on the Darwinex attributes and account sizing in Germany in a later post.

I will never recommend to investors to buy my Darwin.
I will never recommend to investors not to buy my Darwin.

Even inexperienced investors must be adult enough to make such a decision about buying or selling an asset themselves. Of course I appreciate questions.
But I can only be responsible for the profit or loss of my own investment.

Because there are currently open positions (with a slight drawdown) on the trading account, I didn't invest in my Darwin until now. It's enough to pay swap fees on the trading account.
Next time I should read the holiday calendar earlier...
When they are closed and the Darwin is flat, I will invest about the minimum investment amount in my Darwin with an old x3 portfolio. That would bring the divergence calculations to life.
The money to invest in my Darwin was taken from the profit of the trading account on several days starting about two weeks ago.
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MOT is bought now after it was made flat in an old leverage x3 portfolio which was uses only from 2020-04-27 to 2020-04-30 to trade 4 Darwins ;)


As expected I'm the first investor.


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MOT appears in the DarwinIA listing for the first time on rank 800 (out of 4804 possible candidates):

In DarwinIA only the return counts after the young Darwin published, all earlier returns of the days before publishing the Darwin are useless here.

The "rating gap to 150 position" shows the absolute difference of the rating value to the value the Darwin on position 150 - the winner of the last and lowest prize - has:
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Besides MOT had to take a bad drawdown last week which increased the "Drawdown (since inception)" to more than 5 %, it stays to be No. 1 on the one month performance of all Darwins:

It was the first time with follow up losing days on this trading account and Darwin.

About me and my trading:
I'm working full time, since the first lockdown in my home office, and I can't watch the market or my open positions permanently.
That implies that I have to accept drawdowns and early closes of profitable positions on the take profit.

There is a self written EA running to set and adjust a trailing stop in the profit zone which was in action last Friday:

The trades are currently served badly by the liquidity providers, ...

which results usually in a more positive divergence for investors:

detailed report currently not available for MOT, I opened a ticket at Darwinex on Friday.

For trading I use only MT4 and the Trade manager 4 Lite trading panel which is written as an EA and free of charge at mql5.com. (I'm not related to the author in any thinkable way).
With individual settings of unique names in the EA parameters and restricting the EA to the "Current Symbol" it is possible to save different tp and sl settings for every single chart.

It works fine and relyable for market orders, maybe I will use it also for pending orders in the future after testing it. Not sure, but pending orders might reduce the DD after entering a position as some orders with really bad timing will not be executed.

Thoughts about the Darwinex attributes:

Meanwhile I ignore the majority of the attributes, as they are defined for special types of automated strategies about a decade or longer ago and I don't use these starategies.
All attributes are not stable for a young Darwin. After at least 4 week after creating the Darwin I expect certain stability in the attributes. This also effects the VaR calculation and the resulting replication factor between the trading account and the Darwin.

Ra: risk adjustment starts with the max. value of 10 when the Darwin calculation starts.
A high value is needed to avoid cutting investor trades and profit.

But there are 3 more attributes I watch:

Rs: risk stability is important for DarwinIA eligibility (criterion 5) where the value must be 3 or higher. The attribute measures the distance between the highest and lowest VaR for each day since the Darwin was published cumulating it for the last 4 weeks.

Rs can be manipulated by cutting or extending trading sessions to manipulate the current VaR calculation.
For up to 2 weeks the D-Score will increase without trading, so halting trading for up to two weeks should stop dropping the Rs value.
For MOT I want to keep the Rs atrribute above the value of 4, otherwise I would try to keep it high by halting trading for up to 2 weeks.

La: The loss aversion is the most important attribute for my personal evaluation of Darwins. A value below 2 (or 3) can imply martingale or other strategies accepting an uncontrolled loss on open positions.
For MOT I want to see this attribute above 3.

Pf: There are only 26 Darwins with a performance score of 9.9 or higher including MOT.
But not all Darwins in this filter were profitable in the last month or last three months, this attribute is no guarantee for profit and of course does not imply a profit forecast.
For MOT there is no specific goal, to see it with a high value just shows that the strategy is performing better than others.
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