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[DARWIN] MNX by Alfito


Hi Everyone,

I am Alfito, the trader looking after MNX. A little bit of background first:

I started trading Binary options (BO) 10 years ago and quickly realized that they were not for me (probably they were not for anyone except for the brokers offering them).

But I am tech/data analyst guy and despite of all the bad experiences with the BO I discovered my passion that was being able to develop something that makes money automatically operating the markets.

At that time I started to code my very first expert advisors and I used that knowledge and passion to start developing strategies for the forex market.

Once I have been able to raise my Darwinex score to a decent level I hit my first two consecutive darwinia prizes in June and July and hopefully the third one is coming in August. As I am already starting to have some investors I think it is time to provide some more information to help people understanding how MNX works.

About MNX, see below some key points I would like to point out:

  1. I trade forex, every pair where I find an edge. Currently 9 pairs.
  2. All the strategies are different, I don't use same strategy for different pairs as I don't feel comfortable if they are not well difersified. Strategies are constantly monitored so there will be ins and outs based on performance and market circumstances.
  3. Portfolio is managed with the main target of increasing the number of profitable months and not based on profitability indicators. In other words, holy grails that make insane profits are left behind if there is not a match with existing portfolio and less attractive strategies are included if they smooth out my target KPIs.
  4. Every strategy has a different risk, per trade it will vary from 0.4% to 1.5% (this last one is my maximum tolerance to risk per trade).
  5. Always with stop loss and take profit with a risk reward ratio of 1:2. My current average wins are twice my average losses in both pips and eur.
  6. That combined with my winning rate of 43% makes the numbers.
Thanks to my current investors and to all of you for reading this post. Any questions are welcome.