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[Darwin] SGP by Samuel.


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Hello everyone.

My name is Samuel. I am an independent Trader who has been trading for more than 10 years in the markets.
All my trading strategies in the different brokers are based on a 100% technical analysis, traded manually, based on elliot and fibonacci waves.

One of my portfolios is trading in darwinex, under the SGP strategy, with almost 6 years of history. I trade H4 and Daily time frames mainly, with a long term view that tells me the possible direction of the market. Therefore, this darwing, during the monthly period may be temporarily in negative, not because it has closed trades in negative but because they have deviated a little from the original path.

I also trade other types of strategies based on stocks and options at the broker Interactive Brokers".
In my personal blog www.capitalismshock.com I show the long term strategies on which all my operations are based, you can register, it is free, without advertising and I do not sell courses or advice. It is my resume as a trader.

Here I say goodbye, any questions you can contact me through this forum or my blog.

Sincerely Samuel. G.P.
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Hello everyone.

My Darwin SGP has finished third in this month of October 2022, with an allocation of 300,000 by darwinex, unfortunately I will not be able to participate next month in darwinia as I exceed 500,000€ under management.
ranking octubre 2022.png

And this is my strategy over these 6 years:

estrategia SGP.png
I will inform through this blog of the changes of strategy of the operation in SGP, it is a way for you to understand my analysis prior to the operation.
We are currently positioned with dollar strength as you can see in the image.


We will change our vision to dollar weakness today.
If you have doubts about the operation you can contact me.

Sincerely Samuel G.P.

*** Sorry for my English as I use translator.
Good afternoon.

After having said in the previous post that I positioned myself to dollar weakness and having reached its objectives (I did not expect it to happen so quickly) we return to position ourselves in the medium term with dollar strength.

I wish you a good trading.

Kind regards. Samuel G.
Summary November of Darwin SGP.


Summary November of Darwin SGP.

Hello good afternoon.

Once the month of November is finished, we observe that we have obtained a 2%profitability. This profitability has fluctuated considerably since we decided to position ourselves in favor of a strong dollar.

We continue with vision of strong dollar and we hope to meet objectives of the month of December.

Thank you very much to all those who have trusted our strategy and those who follow our vlog.

A greeting

Darwin SGP MAY 2023 Summary.


Hello, good morning.

At the end of June we note that we have obtained a 5.47% return. This result has allowed us to be in 2nd position in this month's DARWINIA ranking.

First of all, we would like to thank all of you who remain loyal to our SGP strategy and hope that this month of June can also be positive for all of you.

Our main vision is a weak dollar in the short term (1 or 2 weeks) to then strengthen in the medium term. Let's hope that our analysis will be fulfilled and if not, we will modify it accordingly.


Thank you very much to all those who have placed their trust in our strategy and to those who follow our vlog.

Best regards


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Darwin SGP JUNE 2023 Summary.

Hello, good morning.

This month of July we have repeated the Number 2 position in Darwinia. With a current capital management (Darwinia + Investors) close to 1 Million Euros, we expect to continue our uptrend.

These good results for the months of MAY and JUNE 2023 are due to a strong dollar that we have accompanied.


Our bearish position of the Sp500 is not happening, but we continue with the same general view: Strong dollar and weak Sp500.

Thank you very much to all those who have trusted our strategy and to those who follow our vlog.

Best regards.


Darwin SGP OCTOBER 2023 Summary.

This October has been one of the best months for all my darwins.

The DARWIN DJT has been 1st in DARWINIA (The Darwin SGP did not participate in the competition due to over allocation).

The DARWIN SGP has an annual yield close to 16% and has been excellent for 3 consecutive years.


Good luck to all of you who trust in my strategy.

Best regards. SGP.


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Hi, the drawdown of these last months has broken the trend line followed by SGP and DJT for ~3 years. Can you give us some details about what is happening, @DJSAMUEL9 ?

The fall of the last months is due to the fact that under our forecast the sp500 is in a bearish cycle change that is currently not being fulfilled.

Cycle changes are very difficult to predict over time and can last for months.

Our view remains SP500 bearish in the long term.

Best regards