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[DARWIN] JKL by trilobite - DEXTest1


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(aka trilobite on T2W)
(aka SATFX on the now defunct user forum on the Darwinex website)
Long standing member of Darwinex and even longer standing member of T2W.

Discretionary trading. Mostly FX Majors. Short term trades managed on H1 timeframe.
Trading horizontal levels. No indicators or EAs are used for entry or exit.
Session mostly European and US (based in UK)
Keeping losses small is prioritised above return.
Investable Attributes regarded as important:----Ex, Rs , La, Pf
I like it very much congrats!

Despite it trading journal is very consistent, a swiss clock.

Agreed, a pity for low Capacity.
Thanks. The Capacity calculation has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I guess it is mostly due to the low pip count on winners (around 8-10 pips). Something to work on!
The following is analysis as to why the VaR on the trading strategy linked to my Darwin JKL has dropped to very low levels.
This makes it very hard to manage as the Darwin will greatly amplify returns (positive and negative) of the underlying trading account.
This is mostly for my information, but also for anybody else that may be interested in the strange business of Darwinex trading and investing.
Proposed solution to increase VaR on trading account to manageable levels:
Increase duration of trades by increasing stops and targets (whilst keeping the percentage risk per trade the same).
This should also help increase the Capacity attribute.
Gradually increase the percentage risk per trade. Trade a bigger variety of pairs to increase the frequency of trades.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome.