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(How) Can I get a daily or hourly (over many weeks) chart for ES in Sierra.
1) Subscribe to Sierra

2) Subscribe to a data provider

3) Open an chart for ES

- If you want daily choose a "Historical" chart
- If you want hourly an "Intraday" chart

For the hourly chart go to chart settings and enter 60 as the time period.

If you are using IB as your source, which has no hoistory, then you will need to wait several weeks before you can get a chart covering several weeks!

To adjust the X axis click on the <> and >< buttons at top left.

I've got Mytrack and IB.When I type in 'open historical chart' (using ES as symbol) I get 'intraday download for ES`Z complete' and no chart.I just wondered if there was some way past the 20 day rule.I'd like a chart like China White's in the Dow Charts thread.
Hi Jonny,

I'm pretty sure Peter is right.

You can get continous contract by using the dial database as a datasource which may be more like what you are after.

jonnyy40 said:
(How) Can I get a daily or hourly (over many weeks) chart for ES in Sierra.
Historical IB data for Sierrachart can be had for 10 Euros a month (most of the popular symbols included) by emailing Guido at: [email protected]

The data is stored in Central European Time so you need to make the cosmetic change of changing your PC clock to that time zone. Then whatever data you collect real-time thereafter will match what you downloaded. The files update every 5 minutes during the day, so you can even use it to backfill it intraday. Guido will add a capability to adjust the timeframe in the future I believe. Given that IB data is effectively free (and fast/good) ...paying this monthly fee is well worth it in my opinion. Saves the need for Mytrack.

IB doesn't have daily data files. The way around this is to set an intraday chart for 405 minutes. Start time 15:30, end time 22:14 (assuming European Time). This gives you the effect of daily bars for the pit session in the ES. Go as far back as Guido's files go back.