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Hi folks,

I just thought I'd mention how much better the new software is.

Nice to praise for a change :)
Hey Helen

Good to hear that. I received a copy in the post today. Still need to try it out. Not sure my machine can cope with it though - abviously need a new one....

I have received two copies one for cfd and anothewr one for spreadbet account. Do I have to download both of them . I am confused. Please help. Thanks
I Osho,

I only got one and I only have a SB account. Don't know if that helps :)
Hi Osho

Also received two. Haven't installed yet, but I would install one of them and see what it says. Probably find that you need a different CD for each one (CFD and SB).

Would be good to tell us what happens...

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Actually taken a proper look at the discs. The CD itself has CFD or Spreadbetting written on it.

For anyone that has this new software.
Can you get the S&P near quarter chart to 'run' all the time. I can only get it to work when the usa are open. Whereas with the 'old' software it updated all the time.

Another ploy? or just me being suspicious.

Options - what they've done is take feedback from their customers about how to display charts. There are lots of people who don't want out of hours data displayed on their charts. So, during their beta programme for MM5 (of which I was a part) they removed ALL out of hours data from ALL charts. Funnily enough some of us were a little upset by this and asked as a compromise that the Cash products should be limited to intra-day charts and Futures products should have all data. Unfortunately, they have completely screwed it up - some Futures contracts have all data, some have partial data, and the same with their Cash products. What you are seeing is the S&P March Future is restricted to only intra-day data whilst the S&P Cash has all data. I have already complained about this three times. I would suggest you phone them up and complain bitterly to try and get them to fix this as soon as possible.

I have to say that although I think MM5 is a great improvement, in my personal opinion they have released it too early and there are a number of bugs and issues that they haven't fixed yet. Because MM5 is based on JRE (Java) they are also partially reliant on Sun to fix bugs. My laptop rebooted when testing (because of a JRE bug) and I have just read on another board about someone else who is having similar reboot problems. D4F were very good at fixing my laptop (which actually affected IB as well, because they also use JRE) so can't complain too much.

On the upside they have told me that they have now employed a developer specifically to work on the charting side of things. I have asked for CCI to be included in the next release. I would suggest you all get your requests in early if there is something specific you want in your charts.
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Had a quick look at it and although have not traded through it yet, it looks like an improvement over the previous web based effort. Think I still prefer mm 4.3 over it though; it's simpler but feels more stable - I always worry that browser based systems will pack up on me!
Have just installed new version of MM. Am now totally confused and wholly blinded!!! :confused:

Very pretty, will just have to get used to it. No doubt will find improvements in due course.

Good job I don't do any complicated trades. I waited until my last one was finalised before installing - very glad :p
Thanks for the extensive reply, had e mailed them at the same time as original post and they are 'working on it.'

Why people would prefer to only have 'in hours' charts is beyond me. It's a bit like walking into a cinema after the film has started... Can be hard to pick up the plot.
Seeing as the new software is a bit hungry and needs a comp with a fair bit of power, I wouldn't have thought that the more commonly used charts wouldn't have been too much of a problem to be 24 hours.

I like the look, and some of the features of the new software but personally don't need a feed with over 3,000 prices or (whatever it is), coming into the computer and draining the resources. (Have to get them to come up with personalised applications, so people don't have to go out and upgrade their computers.)

They are doing better, and top marks for effort, trading is quicker, though the charts still need a lot of work. Let's hope the new person can improve on things like the mav lines fading and the such.

When I spoke to the development people last year and they said the new software was due out early this year and slow stochs and Bollinger were being incorporated, I mentioned that in my view, to radicallly improve the charts, they should forget them and include fibs.

Have already had an update to the software, so they appear to be keeping on top of that; and no, I wouldn't beta test for them. Did that for a futures software company. Never again.

Glad you had your problems with the lap top sorted out. I had a problem suddenly with loading the old trading software, and although the tech guys bent over backwards to try and sort it; Even going so far as to send me some patches on cd by pidgeon post; between us, the IB stuff ended up being really screwed up. (Couldn't log in, or load.)

To add insult to injury, the D4F software packed up a week after the IB, result being no trading for over a fortnight. On the upside I can now do a complete wipe and reload of the hard drive, so no more £50, 2 lost days, petrol and wasted time running across to my computer guy... 'If you want something done properly...'

It's finding out how to do it that's the hard bit.

(Now... where have i heard that before..?)


Installing MM stopped my IB TWS from working.

A reinstall of TWS did the trick.

Anybody got D4F MM5 working through a firewall

I've got the s/w installed fine on my machine that uses a dial-up modem. I must say it is really professional.

Can't get it to work through a proxy server though. It falls over before it gets to the screen that lets you enter the proxy server parameters.

D4F tech. support sent me a couple of files to replace. Unfortunately as one was an exe sent as an attachment my mail server stripped it out (virus checking & all that).

Has anybody got this working through an HTTP Proxy Server ?

Gotta new Laptop at work a nice Compaq Evo N800c, set it up with XP Pro and the usual bits of software.


TWS Crashes the Laptop when you exit it.
MM Crashes the PC the moment you run it.

Looks like JRE to me so will try a downgrade to 1.4 from 1.41

Anyone else experienced this problem?

JonnyT - Yes, I've had similar problems. My problem was with a conflict between JRE and DirectX. D4F fixed mine, but I can't remember what they did. Just give them a call.
Hi mmillar,

Thanks for the info. Looked on the Deal4Free web site and found it in the technotes. A possible bug with Suns Java RE 1.4.1 and DirectX.

The fix is to run dxdiag wait 30 secs before you get the diags up, then click on the Display tab

Disable both DirectDraw Acceleration and Direct 3D Acceleration

Obviously this will affect Games performance if you use your machine for such pleasures.