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I work Supporting traders in different banks, building custom built computers for there various needs. I have a lot of experiance in all fields of computer Hardware.

If anyone would like any advice on what to upgrade to etc then drop me a line i would be happy to help.

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One of our members, Chartman, runs a PC business building and repairing/maintaining PCs. However, as most people will realise, he doesn't use these boards to tout for business. His advice is always given freely and publicly so that everyone with a similar problem can benefit.

Thank you for your offer, which I am sure is made in the spirit of T2W, ie traders helping traders without profiting from it.
HI Skimbleshanks

If you read it I am actualy just offering advice, I have not said that I want money from it. I know that is can be a little tricky for people to know what the best spec is. I work in a trader enviroment every day, so I know what is needed.
I'm sure most peeps here will appreciate help from both yourself and chartman....