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Blind to the truth naive to the threat...
The generations now and to come have evolved differently than ever before, they have adapted to the new technological super powers. Adults commonly ask their kids how to set up the DVD player, or fix the computer, add applications to their phone. The children who were born in this digital age are immune to the process of information, or what it took for so many to research a story or find information and learn or find the real story being told, the truth. Teacher’s friends and family is how and where we got answers to our questions growing up, and the answers could vary, the views bias and limited. The World Wide Web changed so much and quickly, adults and kids know the web and know just how to use it. Through trial and error along with lessons and guidance, most children have realized that not everything you see or read is true. The facts may not be how it is portrayed to the public or it could be blatantly inaccurate. They may have learned this from utube or watching a puppy fly though space while playing the banjo even Google by asking the web if eating road kill is good for you. They make the fatal mistake and show or tell someone “yes eating road kill makes you grow extra arms…then they are corrected and realize there are different answers that come up depending on who write it. It sinks in and they become aware all truth told may not be reality.
This enforces the key that makes us all unique… free will, our choice. We have a choice to believe what we are being told. This was something the powers that be predicted and this is how and why they are literally brain washing us through our subconscious. Since the beginning of time, we have been lied to by the “storytellers” lies on top of lies. Who was the first man in America, the world was flat, human sacrifice made the sun shine, credit is good, marijuana is bad, cigarettes, and liquors are good, etc. We at least know through modern technology the next generations will have a chance to experience real and true history, information that will shape them give them empathy through knowledge, not create the sheep so many have been thus far. This is of course if they make it past the many distractions produced that heavy detract from the path to enlightenment of true reality.
The unknown, our imagination, creativity, fantasy, the extraordinary capabilities of the mind. Our mind is so powerful we have such a complex thought process fueled by hormones and the love of western medicine. Many marketing specialists and behavior analysts, doctors, scientist’s ands researchers have perfected playing into our fears, wants and needs or at least what we think we need. Our primal instincts, our responses, our necessities, and desires have been under attack though our own fear. Fear of threats to family, self, and home, our self-concept questioned induced by fear and intrigue as to what could be. Our human nature, our true thought process analyzed and TPTB preying on this. Media has created villains out of races, countries, cities, even stereotypes in people. This false threat and fear has shaped societies for thousands of centuries. We see it all over in history from the Mayans to Genghis Khan, as far back as c. 515 BC that we know of, “The Rise of Darius to The Persian Throne”, then “The Arthashasta” c.350-283 BC, and of course, the Romains used it c.59 BC - 17 AD, repeatedly. Now we have stars and icons to obsess over or try to be like, unrealistic lifestyles of the one percent. Movie stars that had/have more influence over the public opinions than most politicians or professors do in America, and may I add, get paid much more.
We the nation… is completely media run and undereducated historically, even with all the new things to learn and accessibility, ideocrassy is the new normal and denial is a common trend in the US. History and economics, the global finances, how things are bought and sold, etc. Many people do not even know what is going on and never will, what sanctions America has put on Iran or Russia, or many other countries we are involved with politically and financially. It is not “entertaining” to know who we trade with or what will happen when Obama pushes through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or if they do, it is because they saw it on “E” or some mid-day talk show, just because it was a wiki leak.
I am always shocked to hear news casters blabbing about what is to come or focusing on the opposite way the market is moving, padding the pockets of TPTB. Everyone is titled to their own ideas and opinions in the US, right! Freedom! yet we are kept blind and distracted by media and some other catastrophe that detours the true threat from the masses. The public so naive in the belief that America has our best interest at heart and just because the facts show how wrong that statement is, the belief is everything will be alright. Because our government would never let it happen (said in a flamboyantly sarcastic tone), they would never do the unimaginable.
Blind to the truth and naive to the threat.
I cannot stand election year, listening to the pointless lies told by candidates fueled by power and money funded by expectations and greed. You may choose not to listen to it, not to vote, it is a choice. They say every vote counts, but I do not believe they even count the votes it is all predetermined. The powers that be (TPTB) the big Banker clan runs the government, so whoever big business wants to represent their ideals and choices is who will be represented as our leader. It is a shame; I still do not think everyone even realizes that government controls the news and Hollywood, all stations owned by six corporations. We have supreme power as individuals in our newly developed android state of existence. The SiFi movies and books from our past would have had you believe the twentieth century would have brought people driving freely from planet to planet in our space cars while teleporting our friends over. Perhaps robots would be our house cleaners, drivers and workers, a world would run by robots, all there to serve us, and make life better. People were afraid of jobs being taken away by robots replacing so many people. They should have been afraid of free trade. Then the benefits, robots fighting our wars and keeping our planet and humanity safe and clean. It is the twentith century now and we do we have robots and computers they are doing it all fighting with drones and cleaning our planet. Now most of all humans have become androids without an external robot.
Everyone you know has a smart phone, it has become a true extension of our body and thoughts, giving us super-human powers and abilities like never before, and it even comes with applications that will consistently advance the droid in them. The access to information and power to learn now can be limitless. Having this kind of resource at your fingertips gives us an unimaginable advantage, it not only makes your life easier it gives us a way to learn what you want when you want. Most people will never take full advantage dipping into the abyss of information, the layers of networks, understand the programming involved or what engineering it takes to rapidly grow in this informative black hole. Amazing and life changing advancements have come from exploration in this digital world by some of the best minds in existence. Easy enough for anyone to learn to explore on it gives you the ability to learn at your pace. Imagine what its like for a baby or child introduced to it. The young brain growing and it learning how to teach, it evolving while their mind like a sponge soaking the liquid information up. We have not even learned what the mind is capable of or what results this new technology will have on a developing mind. Up until 1920 we did not even see infant children as humans, while Watson tested and electrocuted baby Albert to if they really felt pain and emotion. Now we know that babies can learn while in the womb. Knowledge is power. The power this vast amount of information provides and can give children is beautiful and somehow terrifying all in one. Information we learn throughout childhood shapes us as adults, information leads to the decisions you will make in life, rights and wrongs your ethics and morals. Those choices are influenced by what information is available, and where it’s coming from and how you receive it. All we know as humans is what we are taught; humankind is easily manipulated and prone to conform, our primal instincts though diluted by society remain in the sense to follow or lead. Between men and women, fighting for the lead and BPA and overly consumed soy pumping estrogen into us the leadership position is undesirable. Keeping the masses passive is beneficial for the shepherds, this way the public does not see the true grim reality that we are living in and facing.
People keep stating that we are going back to the cold war, that Russia and China will create WW3. I have even fantasized the outline of it, the corruption in waging war with Iran and blaming Russia or China in the US fight for the petrodollar, convent a war in Yemen or an oil line bombing…yet, I feel that we have been in WW3 for some time now. It is a currency war, a war for the reserve currency and petrodollar, and we are losing. This is the first administration to prioritize immigration and non-working heath care over the blatant threats and geo political acts of war that are threatening us now, we are losing allies and all hope for what once was the American dream, as we stand by and witness this administrations wiping away our rights and giving our money away, creating slaves for the one percent.
Clinton was at least very concerned when Putin started building the underground bunkers in 2012 Moscow alone built over 5,000 nuclear bomb shelters and now Putin has built a 400 square mile shelter in the Southern Ural Mountains hidden inside the Yamantu Mountain in the Beloretsk region. It is approximately as big as Washington DC’s beltway, along with the food he has planned for his people and has been paying to guarantee that his people will be safe well fed and protected the facilities that could house most of Russia for years in comfort. The US has nothing like that, we do not have thousands of bomb shelters and foods for our people we do not even have food for our people, there is no exit strategy for the public. It is so sad because we the people are paying for the privet bunkers of one percent. I guess they assume we will all just die, a form of population control, perhaps.
Lack of outdated weapons owned by Russia is a thing of the past. Putin created a new national defense facility in Moscow developing new anti-ballistic missiles to keep the nuclear missiles from reaching them in the first place it was said to be completed in 2017 but it is said to be active now. Again, the US has nothing like that in 1996 the Russian denied any existence of the bunkers and kept building despite the end of the cold war. In a rare interview in 1998 General Eugene Harbinger at the time he was the commander of the US strategic command (STRATCOM) said it was bigger than they thought it’s estimated to be millions of square feet, with a railroad and highway built to it, tens of thousands of workers have been working on it for years now. The US then saw this area along with China as a “”potential key target for US nuclear war planners stated in a Washington post article by Bruce G. Blair. Clinton at least saw that it is as a major issue. Russians do not love the US it is said as of today approximately 81% of Russians have a negative view towards the US, and now Obama’s interference with Ukraine has made it much worse. The house of representatives urged Obama to send lethal aid after stating that he would send non-lethal aid, however, the only way Obama would send lethal aid to Ukraine was if they issued a sovereign debt with US guarantee making it essentially part of the US the same thing he did in Egypt with the Muslim brotherhood that caused a (to put it nicely) a rift with our one ally Saudi Arabia. I cannot think of a past US president that would let other countries ostracize America the way it is now, or hate us the way they do. No other leader would let china the second largest economy open up the AIIB and invite all countries but two (we supposedly declined) or let Putin make deals for major changes with china India and Pakistan, even Saudi Arabia is selling gas to Russia and China in Yuan not the USD . When bush was in office, it was assumed he was not really making any decisions for himself. It did not matter who ever was making the decisions, they were the ones to fear, and countries did they feared us. We were the leader and the treat there security, ally and enemy all the same. It was understood Bush is goofy or just dumb nature was not what they needed to worry about, but at least they worried. The other counties respected him to some degree, unlike our current situation. Obama is about to make our final and biggest mistake with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) it will make what Clinton did with free trade look like a May fair. I do question the whole thing because china wants no part in the TPP, and that is note worthy
Clinton who I was all for, despite him being a corporatist, sabotaged us with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) a trilateral trade block between Mexico, the US and Canada this was the first countries involved with the free trade agreement. If you don’t really know exactly what NAFTA is let me explain, NAFTA consists of the North American Agreement on Environmental cooperation (NAAEC) and the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC) this created the worlds largest free trade zone. Opening countries up to the flow of goods and services sounded so appealing, created production added different factor endowments and absolute advantage with the countries that could produce goods or services on a large scale or that had natural resources. Lower costs of production and cheaper resources also gave advantages and created an outsourcing of jobs. This was in 1994 since then the US economy has lost around 700,000 jobs due to NAFTA, according to the Economic Policy Institute EPI said in 2011 that trade to Mexico supported 791,000 and the jobs we would have needed without the NAFTA agreement would have been 1.47 million. Still today, billions of US dollars and jobs are lost to NAFTA. Yet, other counties saw huge benefits from NAFTA and in 2010; the growth of Mexican auto imports alone surpassed what they ever estimated, just to put it in perspective, it created more Mexican jobs than the entire US auto industry. Sine 1985 the US has free trade with over twenty countries as of now. Since it worked out so well the Obama administration negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP). We the little people only even know about it because of the wiki leak. Obama did not do it under the Department of State; he went straight to the trade representative Ron Kirk. This was the way to use “fast track authority” Congress is supposed to review, modify and treat it like a legislation and end with a two-thirds vote. Instead, it will have to be a yes or no vote, with minimal tame frame and a majority rule. This really will strip the US of any chance we had of real economic growth, true supply and demand, America will never be able to be what it once was. This gives investor privileges a whole new meaning. The right to move capital without any limits, and it covers way more goods and services extending to, intellectual property, permits, and derivatives. It banned any performance rights, and foreign firms would get compensation for loss of “future profits”. Most of all special guaranteed treatment for firms that relocate. The issues with medicine and patenting rights cancel out all hope for generic affordable pharmaceuticals so who cares about “free” healthcare if you cannot afford the solution. This would allow them to overrule our sovereignty adding US laws to foreign countries is completely unconstitutional.
I dream that our leaders know history and could embrace the fascinating and powerful counties together and could see each other with a heart and soul, empathetic to suffering and pain. They seem so human in their “tweets” (eye roll) so many have been praised by the public. Putin has been praised as being very likable, even funny and handsome, even japans prime minister is thought of as warm and kind, Obama funny and charismatic. I am sure social media plays a big part in humanizing the leaders, making them more likeable and relate-able as the tweet there thoughts. Putin and has positioned himself out of necessity and frustration with sanctions by the US. He has looked to his neighbor china that has a quite similar past. XI jinping signed a ten-year contract with Russia to build a 7,000-kilometer high-speed rail ink from Beijing to Moscow. It will be expanded across Europe and Asia, this is a big deal not only for the ten year partnership with China but the new Asia Infrastructure Investment bank (AIIB) that is taking place isolating the west. China is creating economic insurance with India, Pakistan, and Russia along with all others except The US, Japan, and North Korea. These moves taking place have to be aligned with something bigger. The US has to be up to something, a grand plan, would we really risk nationalization of a new currency at China’s control? Or let the Petro-Yuan take us out? I mean we have to know the end game…Right.
I would love to believe that these countries are as fed up with the US as I am. Sick of listening to the lies and barrage of underlying manipulation by TPTB. Other counties are tired of dealing with the mean parent America has become. We cannot mind our own business we keep popping up where we do not belong issuing sanctions and controls, at a whim. They have to be fed up, now that the revered America is being seen for what it is debt based and full of holes with a drowning economy and no hope in sight. The US was seen as a security for other countries inspiring to follow our lead, our freedom and rights the love of the people, and a government with a goal to make things better for each person, a financial system that saves your money and enhances your life insurance for your children’s children.
I feel like I am at the end of wizard of OZ, American people represented by a loyal Dorothy, with values and hope searching for answers from OZ. OZ our leader a godlike entity, full of the answerers we are searching for. Searching for OZ to lead us and guide us, then you pull the Curtain back and all is revealed, TA DA its Gilbert Gottfried or even Rosanne Barr, and OZ is seen for what it is just a greedy human playing us all. Good witch as Elizabeth Warren and the bad witch Janette Yellen trying to actively screw over along our yellow credit fiat road we call. OZ does not care and when considering America is bankrupt in a pit of unplayable debt our OZ created for our children to inherit. The US government has pledged National parks and lands for the debt they create right to the FED. My land your land, non-profit organizations; federal territories, even birth certificates of people who will inherit wealth, all given to the Federal Reserve. The hypothecated assets pledged truly mean they can pledge something as a security without holding it. Roosevelt was declared bankrupt and insolvent in 1933 and created the Emerging Bankrupt Act, the beginning of the monetary fund. This is exactly what has led us to the massive debt were in today and always have been since 1933. When they removed the gold standard, things changed. The hypothecated pledge is based on what is called a Canon law Trust. It is protected by the Constitution and bill of rights and still used by international bankers today. This is a transfer of unplayable debt, and gives the sauvignon too much power, for they already own so much it is just leverage to them. Nothing like this ever took place until the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. It gave the people security at first, gold and silver were such a powerful currency, but heavy and an unmanageable daily, it was an awful inconvenience to store or carry such metals. The FED bears the risk lending or trading and you hold interest and principle payments by issuing a claim check that was “like gold or silver” so they created slips of paper. So now, you give real assets to The Federal Reserve (FED) and they give you Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). FRNs were made to create debt through the devaluation of currency by the increase in fiat (money substitute). Without a corresponding increase of a true backing, the FRNs cause inflation. The FED is maritime lender/maritime insurance underwriter, or what I consider a loan shark, they take your assets and give you a piece of paper till you can pay the real unplayable debt back. If we only knew…They never cared about the debt the interest was enough. It was all a trick a power game and FED is still winning. You cant pay back the FRNs with FRNs, no paying debt with debt but as long as you paid the interest there was no stipulation on the principle, because the Federal Reserve Act stipulated all interest must be paid in gold.
We were set up to fail, who knows what our amazing, all for the people, freedom, and rights, blah blah blah government really is doing. Who knows just what they have pledged we know some but we do not know much. We are now just economic slave a nation built with blood and formed by lies and greed, pledging dedication and then turning its back. Photos and social media have humanized other cultures and acceptance and empathy makes it all less scary not so distant and unnatural, it gives new support for what was once feared .This has brought our world closer. A need for each other together, learning the whole story not half-truths that are rewritten time and again. Can we come together and fight a real war like global warming or famine drought? The answer is no because as much as I would love to believe we can have peace, greed trumps all.
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